how did you come up with the name of your blog? It basically came from one of my favourite books: Alice in Wonderland, I've been enchanted by it ever since I was a child. when where you introduced to fashion? I think it was relatively late, as it was after finishing high school that I naturally became more fashion conscious and shown more interest in it. how do you describe your style? I think it is quite varied. One day it can be very feminine, another it's very girly and cute. I am a skirt and dress addict and I hardly wear any trousers!

Shift dresses and cute little retro dresses are definitely my staples no matter the season of the year. I love the nautical theme, which is an epitome of a summer outfit for me. Another big part of my style is rock chic, which is probably influenced my the music I listen's in a way expressing my music taste and I really enjoy heavy accessories and rock girl garments. what made you start a fashion blog? I've been watching other people's style blogs for some time and I have been very inspired by them. Apart from that I really felt the urge to share my style with people, so it just came to me naturally. Last but not least I wanted to participate in the blogger world more and exchange with other bloggers culturally. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I guess it's a little bit of my quirky style with the hint of childhood imagery and a bit of my magical world. how is your style different than everyone else? I guess it's the case of putting clothes together in unexpected ways plus my inborn style that contributes to my style being different than others'. who is your inspiration? I love Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Kate Moss' style. They're my style icons, but a lot of times I'm also inspired by the people I see on the streets and blogs. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I want them to feel inspired and indulge them in a little piece of childhood, that's so essential in all of us.