how did you come up with the name of your blog? I didn’t want to give my blog any minor name. The name should have something to do with me. “Coloured Footprints” is like a way. It accompanies me and it goes along the same lines as I do. The posts are like “Footprints”. Writing them is like leaving a trace. But the posts I write aren’t any articles which I compose but rather they are articles filled with my “coloured” thoughts, ideas and experiences.
when where you introduced to fashion? Oh, my sympathy for fashion starts when I were very young. As a child I spent most of my time making clothes for my Barbie dolls instead of playing with my friends. I wanted that my dolls have their own special clothes and not the same as all the other dolls from my friends. And now as a teenager I prefer to read fashion magazines instead of my school books. I am completely and utterly obsessed with fashion. I love to design my own clothes and to sew them, but the results are often not as I had requested. But “practice makes perfect” :D My biggest dream for the future right now is to become a fashion designer.
how do you describe your style? I describe my style as ever changing depending what’s on my frame of mind. I don’t have any “all time” favourite style wise, because my preferences are changing every 4 month, I guess. I love to mix up different styles. Sometimes I choose smart and female clothes combined with Vintage style, and on other occasions I am just wearing a baggy t-shirt, sneakers, shorts and loads of accessories. But I always have a try at getting a personal touch.

what made you start a fashion blog? I started blogging in order to show the world a little bit of my lifestyle. I really like to write about random stuff that apparently matters to me for some bizarre reasons. I love to write about fashion, art, design, poetry, music and photography. I also love drawing, sketching, composing poems and I never leave the house without taken my camera along. I think a blog is the perfect way to put all of my ideas, thoughts and pictures into one spot.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I think at the moment I do not bring that much to the fashion blog world. I just decided to do something about my ideas and collections of pictures and I hope that my blog will offer people some inspiration.
how is your style different than everyone else? In my mind, fashion is a means of expression. With an unconventional outfit you are radiating self-confidence, independence, creativity and happiness to try out new things. It is a display of style and personality. My style is different in the wise how I join my clothes. I love to combine current trends with basics or vintage stuff. I am fond of going to flea markets or scouring the attic for old jewellery.
who is your inspiration? My inspiration is everywhere. I think inspiration surrounds us all the time in

countless forms. The only difficulty is to capture it and make it your own. I always have my eyes open in order to locate new things, I have always thousands of ideas and always love working with everything creative. I started blogging after being inspired by several fashion blogs, especially the Scandinavian ones. I am also inspired by fashion magazines, art, photographs, music/music videos, fashion shows and even by just watching people at the pedestrian zone. I can sit for hours on end finding inspiration on blogs and sites like lookbook, flickr or deviantart without getting bored.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? The impression I want to leave on the people that visits my blog is that I am a nice person with a creative vein, haha :P I hope my blog posts make up an juicy inspiration page full of conceptions, that continue to inspire other people all over the world, and they feeds the visitors with all what they want in such a way as to keep coming back for more. :)