I have a Jean fetish, i need help...a straight heterosexual man, with great taste (i must add) is in desperate need of of The Fashion Jinx family. So, i called on some of my most closest and dearest Jinx Relatives for some help... This is only part 1(one), I've called on many family members for help with my obsession....I asked then two questions ;what do you look for in a pair of jeans? and what should a pair of jeans do for you? And by their answerer's, i can tell they are just as addicted to jeans as i am. Enjoy, JINX....
To me it´s very important that a pair of jeans has a perfect and tight fit, a skinny leg and the right length. I like jeans that are either really ´clean´ or very destroyed. My go-to washes are dark grey and medium blue, so I always check those out first.

A perfect skinny jeans makes me feel confident and sexy, but all in a casual way.

x! Yara This Chick's Got Style

An obvious staple to closets everywhere, sometimes, trying to find the perfect pair of jeans can feel as untouchable as finding the Holy Grail… but when it comes to perusing the aisles, for me, it definitely boils down to a proper fit, comfort level, the fluidity of movement, and detailed lines/cut for my body type.

Let’s be honest, the best pair of jeans need to love me, which is code for… they should make my ass look good.

First of all, my jeans need to be comfy. I wear jeans almost every day, so that's really important for me. Most of my jeans are regular fit, and I really like jeans with a mix of baggy and skinny. They look good and are comfy. I especially love the ripped jeans. I look for jeans that have a boyish look but still look feminine on me. I always look for something different on my jeans, because I want to have my own independent look.

A pair of jeans have to look feminine on me. When I wear a pair of jeans I really like it that my legs look longer. I have a curvy figure, so I don't want my jeans to make my hips look larger. After all jeans need to make you beautiful, so they have to express and improve your body parts.

love, Patty Patty-Style