How did you come up the name of your blog Wasted Wardrobe kind of has a double meaning for me. My hometown of Milwaukee is definitely a beer-centric city, for one! Also, I used to get all gussied up then end up either staying in or just hitting a dive bar where no one cares about fashion... So I'd always say something like 'Oh, another night for my wasted wardrobe.' But I enjoy getting dressed no matter what the circumstances, so I think Wasted Wardrobe is really just me representing Brew City in the blog world. when were you introduced to fashion Hmm, well, I do remember my mom telling me about the first day of kindergarten and how I threw a tantrum because I wanted to pick out my own outfit, not the little Jordache dress she had planned for me. Mom won that round, but now I wear whatever I want! :) how do you describe your style I feel that my style today still retains some of the influence that made a big impression on me in my youth. Grunge was huge when I was in middle school, when I got my first pair of Docs (silver!) and that eventually morphed into this kind of cartoon goth when I was in high school. I think I tend to fall back to those styles, not in their pure form, but in little glimmers of inspiration. I consider myself an adventurous person and that definitely comes through in my personal style... I'll try anything! I think that ultimately my personal style revolves around whatever accessories I feel like wearing. I'm a hat freak and I have wayyyy too many socks and stockings, which I've been collecting for well over a decade. I like to pay attention to current trends, but reinterpret them in ways that speak to me. It's a fun game. what made you start a fashion blog I studied fashion design and journalism in school and my blog is a product of a class assignment that I just wanted to continue with since I enjoyed it so much. I don't have many people here to talk fashion or style with here in Milwaukee, so it's a way for me to communicate with people who have the same interests. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I think I represent a city that isn't known for fashion, isn't known for having tremendous style. For the most part, I'd say that people here don't care to pay attention to what's on the runways, but I use my blog to say 'Hey, Milwaukee can get in on it too!' how is your style different than everyone else I'm a bargain hunter! I like to get a lot of bang for my buck, so I'm constantly sniffing out deals. I almost never buy anything full price. Rather than pointing out how expensive my outfit is, I point out how little I paid. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate quality. Shoes are my splurge items, even though I usually get them at a sale price. Life's too short to wear poorly made shoes. who is your inspiration I think mood is more my inspiration than an actual person. But I really enjoy Lykke Li's style. She's got a really dark bohemian thing going on that I find myself leaning towards, plus she's a really intense live performer. She just lets it all out and flails around. Oh, Daphne Guinness, Kate Lanphear and Catherine Baba are all women who I love to keep an eye on. I think I just like badass bitches, pardon my language. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope that readers feel inspired to be bold, to wear whatever their little heart desires, but at the same time realize that it doesn't take a fortune to have fun with fashion. who is your favorite designer It's really hard to say one designer specifically because I'm big on mixing looks. It all depends on the day. But Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann, Helmut Lang... Alexander Wang accessories always get me in the gut. Gareth Pugh's videos get me all excited for his clothes... what piece is a must have in your closet A good hat! I feel naked without one. I think wearing a fun hat just makes the day brighter. :)