how did you come up with the name of your blog I came up with the name for my blog because I always knew about what Paradigm meant and I loved how it embodied and pretty much defined what my blog was all about when where you introduced to fashion Well. I was pretty much introduced into fashion at a very young age. My mom worked as a merchandise manager/designer for the childrens department of a local brand here in Manila. She would bring home samples for my sister and I to try on and I even remember sketching a few designs myself asking her to show her boss cause I thought I had a shot at designing something for them (HAHA)!!how do you describe your style My style would have to be described as something.. Adventurous. I don't stick to just one style cause I like switching it up and trying out new things from time to time! But one thing will always be constant and that would be the color black. I can't wear an outfit that doesn't have a bit of black in it, call it a habit, I don't know. That's just me!what made you start a fashion blog As cliche as this may sound.. It was my love and passion for fashion. I needed an outlet for me to talk about fashion and share my thoughts and insights with those who felt the same way I did.what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world The fact that I'm a blogger from Manila can give me an edge. Not many people know how fashion forward this country is and I guess through my blog I can show people what the Philippines has to offer! how is your style different than everyone else That fact that my style pretty much me? I don't really copy how people dress or I don't stick to one look (like what I previously said). I mix it up and just "surprise" people at times, haha!
who is your inspiration I love reading Sea of Shoes, Fashiontoast, Jak and Jill and Cory Kennedy's blog! I remember using those blogs as inspiration when I was putting up my blog, I loved the composition, the fashion (of course), the photos and just everything about it! But if you're talking style-wise.. I would have to say my mom, Cory Kennedy, Edie Sedgwick, Karlie Kloss, The Olsen Twins, Katy Perry, Rachel Bilson and Zooey Dischanel! what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog That I'm not your typical fashion blogger :)who is your favorite designer I don't just have one favorite designer so my favorites would have to be Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen (✝), Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Viktor and Rolf and Dean and Dan Caten (of Dsquared2) what piece is a must have in your closet A black tank top. You can wear it from day to night! It's versatile and just one of the best things to have in your closet!!