how did you come up with the name of your blog We love our fringes. When something goes wrong with it, like when the stylist cuts it wrong or something, we really can’t function well and everything gets affected. This isn’t exaggeration. We’re obsessed with our bangs. So we came up with Big Bangs Theory. Thinking of a name for the blog took us a year!
when where you introduced to fashion We can’t remember. We just found ourselves browsing through Lookbook, Chictopia, and different fashion blogs like Le Blog de Betty, Little Miss Dress Up, Fashion Ate the World, and a whole lot more. We’re very much inspired by the internet’s fashion battalion. how do you describe your style Christine: I really can’t describe my style. I’d say I just wear what I’m comfortable wearing on a certain day, event, place or weather. I really like florals and skirts though. I like looking like I’m going to a picnic on a hot summer day. Camille: I don't have a style. That's why I never go out of style. Haha! Kidding! My style is hard to describe. It's simple and it changes according to my mood. I just wear what I like. I usually tend to mismatch pieces but sometimes I end up wearing just a pair of shorts, loose shirt, sneakers, and lots of bracelets.
what made you start a fashion blog We are online everyday. We browse through different fashion sites and blogs. And we are greatly inspired by how people express themselves through fashion. We also wanted to do the same thing. And we wanted to do something together so we came up with Big Bangs Theory! what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Wow, hard question! We don't really know. Our blog is just not about fashion, it's about anything and everything under the sun. We just bring ourselves and show a little bit of our enthusiasm and appreciation for art, photography and fashion.
how is your style different than everyone else Well, our style is quite different as we are influenced by many different angles of life, from art to music, to photography to anything else we see that tingles our senses. Our style depends on the ideas we get from our daily inspirations. We get inspired by them and incorporate them with how we feel or what we want to be like on a certain day. who is your inspiration Christine: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens. Camille: Agyness Deyn! It's inspiring how she can pull off any outfit. I also love Alexa Chung, Katy Perry and Rachel Bilson. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog We want people to see the world as we see it. We’re really not good with words so we try to work more with photos and let them do the talking. We want to show them that fashion is not all about following trends, it's all about wearing what you're comfortable with and expressing yourself.
who is your favorite designer Christine: My favorite designer would be Alexander McQueen. I love how Alexander McQueen’s designs are so adventurous, dreamy and boundless. I mean, before him, I don’t think anyone else would have ever thought of the Armadillo shoes! Camille: I like Betsey Johnson & Marc Jacobs! What piece is a most have in your closet Christine: My closet is never complete without a white v-neck shirt and boyfriend jeans. Without those, I don’t think I’ll ever survive school during hell death weeks (aka midterms and finals). Camille: Loose shirts and demin shorts. Hahaha!