how did you come up with the name of your blog A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behaviour; an overall attitude as well as a characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage. These definitions were used in a fashionable urban sense to create this concept. Growing up everyone was raise to always make sure their posture was always upright and proper. Giving your Proper Posture. (ProprPostur) when where you introduced to fashion I’ve always had my eye on many different styles weather it’s on the television screen or something I see out on the street how do you describe your style >As always my style is always evolving and changing so currently I’m going towards a classier look with a bit of a grungy edge. However, I hate the summer the idea of sweating as soon as I step outdoors doesn’t work for me at all. So I usually have to hold back on what I wear a lot during those times. Fall/ winter is my deepest love. what made you start a fashion blog I actually began my blog out of pure boredom one day . I just started posting my thoughts on fashion and different styles that I loved. After a while my blog was starting to get great feedback from others. So I just kept it up and stepped up my layout and took it a little more serious. I like to think as my blog my own little world. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I don’t think I really believe I bring much to the fashion world besides who I am and my own personal style. No one can tell your own story better than yourself. how is your style different than everyone else Wow good question um… Not many people are able to vigorously change they’re style on a daily bases and be comfortable at the same time. I can come through 1 day in in loafers , trouser pants , and a button down keeping it clean and classy. And then the next grunge it out with Doc Martens, faded jeans, and a shredded t-shirt. who is your inspiration Kelly Cutrone, she is a strong independent woman in the fashion world and she has really brought herself up. She inspires me due to how she makes her presence known to others. She’s loud and in your face when she needs to be and never hesitates to tell you how it is. As I am learning in my studies that is really the only way you can survive and hold your own in this business we call fashion. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope when people visit my blog they get a better understand of who I am and what I’m about. A lot goes on in this noggin of mine lol and this is my way to share it with the world who is your favorite designer Truth be told I don’t really have a favourite designer. Well you know what my favourite designer is everyday people I see on the street who walk by with their head high wearing what they feel. what piece is a must have in your closet Accessories, I’m Really big on accessories such as beaded bracelets and necklaces’. I cannot leave my house ever without them I am greatly attached to my accessories they can make a basic outfit just a bit more interesting