how did you come up with the name of your blog In the beginning my blog was called “Chahana’s Blog”, it was a little tedious so I changed it to “Fabulous Fantastic” . The name started with Sex and the City, my favorite TV show. I loved that Carrie always said “fabulous”, it passed down on to me and I aimed to rhyme it into a catchy name – “Fabulous Fantastic”when where you introduced to fashion Like most girls, I’ve always had an appreciation for clothing but I think I started to bloom into my utter love for fashion when I was introduced to Blogspot about a year and a half ago and exposed to all wonderful and inspirational fashion blogs. how do you describe your style My style has changed through out the years and it still is from a variety of teenage trashy to vintage girly. I love anything that will slop down on me comfortably to hugging my body tight, both paired with any sort of high heel. High heels honestly to me make every outfit complete! If I could I would wear a different pair everyday, they make me feel so sexy! What made you start a fashion blog A friend of mine suggested I start a daily blog due to a complicated situation I was going through and express my feelings through blogging, I was never quite good at that, this eventually lead to inspirational fashion posts and so I decided to compose it into a fashion blog with inspirational images, my friends and family and just my daily life and outfits through photos, it became my recreational activity. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Like many other fashion blogs I try to bring fashion, variety, fun, passion and creativity but in my own individual way through random buys, my life with friends and family, occasionally videos and other random fashion related topics. how is your style different than everyone else It’s different yet similar to other styles. I am influenced by many but wear clothing in my own way, a combination of different styles. I don’t like sticking to one and I like experimenting with what I wear. I adore my prints, colours and neutrals along with anything that will stand out and catch an eye. who is your inspiration My main inspiration would have to be my mother and her vintage wardrobe. My mum had a thing for fashion when she was younger just like me. She is honestly the most beautiful woman I know, strong, independent, and loving. Celebrity inspirations would include the Olsen’s, Amber Rose and Harley Viera Newton, their effortless style and outfits make me so envious! what impression do you want to leave on the people the visits your blog I want them to see what my passion is, that fashion is what makes me feel good and comfortable about myself inside and out. who is your favorite designer I’m not a brands person and I dont particularly have a favourite designer, I like bits and pieces from all different labels/shops. But I must mention Alexandra Wang, his spring 2010 collection is marvellously spectacular and I want to own all his bucket bags. what piece is a must have in your closet Shoes! Shoe! Shoes! Anyone that knows me well enough knows I am utterly fanatical about shoes! I have pairs and pairs of them and I have a small closet to put them in but it’s quite cluttered and filling up rapidly. Also my latest love are rings, I’ve begun a collection and also started making my own just for fun.