Azede Jean-Pierre
prepares to debut her spring 2011 collection
Aug 28, 2010 @8p.m.
364 Nelson St. Atlanta

What does fashion mean to you Fashion is God's gift to women who embrace & celebrate their femininity. It is life changing and beautiful.When were you introduced to fashion As a child I was always drawing, I developed figures around the age of ten and started dressing my figures, which was when I realized that this might be what I want to do with my life. Who is your favorite designer I like Ann Valerie Hash, but I cannot say that she is my favorite. I have so many favorites. Which piece in collection is a must have There is a little black petal & pin-tuck dress that works well with any body type, it will make a women feel confident and beautiful.

How do you describe you style First and foremost, I am a romantic at heart; therefore I always find a way to incorporate that in my designs. Flower pedals and transparency inspired the current collection. It is flirty, young, and just sexy enough, it channels modern femininity without being too girly.
What pushed you to design you own label I would say that I was gravitated towards it rather then pushed. I am in such a state of joy when I design that I felt propelled to express my vision and point of view to the world.
What do you think you bring to the fashion world My point of view has yet to be expressed. My designs redefine the traditional garment while pushing the limits of dress design in innovative ways. I want to inspire people.
Who is your inspiration The better question for me is (what). I am rarely inspired by peoples work. My inspiration usually comes from objects, intuition & intangible emotion. What impression do you want to leave on the guests who attend your show I want them to feel inspired.
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