how did you come up with the name of your blog Naming my blog was a fairly simple process. I truly believe in the moods that color set – and for me the most sensual colors are the most basic: black, gray, white, beige, and deep blue. The entire spectrum of my closet consists of these colors. Occasionally I will surprise myself with a pop of color, however the base of an outfit is always practical and grounded. The process of getting dressed remains multi-faceted through texture, silhouette, volume, historical context and composition. when where you introduced to fashion

I think that most girls remember their tendencies towards fashion even at young ages, but I was most profoundly influenced by fashion only in the past few years. After enrolling in the art college, California Institute of the Arts I was highly critical of everything. As a graphic design major my sense of composition was heightened immensely. I suppose as I matured I realized how much of an impact clothing has on yourself and others’ impressions of you. how do you describe your style Lately I’ve been really influenced
by 90s grunge and a sort of irreverent and playful attitude towards clothing. I’m really getting back to basics: perfectly tight pants, a great pair of black boots, cable knit long sleeve sweaters. However, I think no matter much I like to reference another decade or past idea of fashion I seem to always come off as modern and sleek. what made you start a fashion blog Before starting my own blog I had spent so much of my time trying to figure out how I could channel my creative sensibility as a graphic designer into the fashion industry. This year while I was in school I compiled a book about the fashion blogging phenomenon and how it is changing the way people dress and influence each other.
It has a serious presence in the fashion industry now. Starting my own fashion blog seemed like a logical step. You can see parts of the book on my professional website at titled “Please View This.” what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I have a strong sense of practicality when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Hopefully readers can really relate to why I dress the way I do and I never take myself too seriously. I am also completely influenced by fashion that exists in film, so I enjoy sharing images from those.

It feels like I am constantly looking to the past and some ideal of the future to influence what I want to exist in my wardrobe. how is your style different than everyone else I’m not sure if I am a standout in the fashion crowd by the exact pieces that I own, but perhaps I am unique in my standards. I believe in buying the right piece at the right time. It is also deathly important to enhance your best features. who is your inspiration As I mentioned before, I look to fictional characters in movies for personas defined by clothing. I adore Mary-Kate and Ashley, Gareth Pugh, Balenciaga, Sci-fi films and of course other fashion bloggers! what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope I inspire people to looks closely at design and the historical context for why we are dressing the way we do. who is your favorite designer Gareth Pugh makes dream clothes. I hope someday I can own something he has designed. I can’t believe I missed out on these two-tone platforms. Other fav designers/lines include Balenciaga, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen. what piece is a must have in your closet At the moment its basic color long sleeve tees or sweaters matched with crazy pants. And absolutely never buy a cheap looking handbag!!