How did you come up with the name of your blog? I can’t even remember when and why but I have always loved the phrase “a beautiful life”. I love it so much that I actually have the phrase inked in French on my back, la belle vie. And no I didn’t randomly choose French, I actually have a little bit of it in my heritage. I decided that my blog name would comprise of some French and English, hence, la beautiful vie. It just sounds so pretty when you say it. How do you describe your style? Im not sure if there is a good description of my style since it does vary a lot. I do notice that I tend to go for more of the simple looks. I owe it to living in San Diego where the majority of people walk around in dresses/shorts and sandals. My closet consists mostly of floral patterns or dark solid colors. Im looking to add more of the DIY shredded shirts and dresses into my wardrobe. What made you start a fashion blog? I got inspired to start a fashion blog after following all the other blogs I discovered especially FashionToast. There are some truly fashion geniuses out there. And if I can get one to be inspired by my blog, then it’s a success. What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I’m not sure, im still new to this but I just wanted to show other fashion enthusiasts my love for the fashion world. I also want to show that sometimes simplicity is the key. Your outfit doesn’t always need to be loud or over the top to make a fashion statement.
How is your style different than everyone else? I don’t think my style stands out as being too different than others out there. A lot of people follow these fashion blogs to get inspired so essentially we all have a little bit of somebody else’s style in our mix. Who is your inspiration? Celebs, designers, friends, bloggers, strangers… its endless. But to name a few that stick out in my head, Balmain, Erin Watson, Jil Sander, MK Olsen, Givenchy, Gemma Ward, Esteban Cortazar, Zac Posen. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog?To be inspired by fashion. I’d like to part with this quote that I have kind of twisted a bit, “Fashion is like a book. Each look you come across is like a new page. To not open your eyes to what the fashion world contains is like reading only one page.”