my blog is my name plain and simple katherine lou when where you introduced to fashion It never occurred to me how much fashion was important to me till I started college. In 6th grade I wrote a book about Egyptian fashion for my history class and in high school I wrote a thesis paper on the difference between fashion in the 50's and now. I wore a lot of vintage and thrifty clothes in high school since that was all I could afford (my parents didn't like the idea of buying me clothes haha). When I started to work in college, I started paying for my own clothes (both vintage and non-vintage clothes) and I just went crazy from there. how do you describe your style My style is definitely where masculinity and femininity meet. I also tend to gravitate towards versatile pieces also while paying attention to details. For example, I'd buy a simple black skirt, but in leather. Or instead of a plain black track jacket, I buy a sequined one. I also love mixing new clothing with vintage.
what made you start a fashion blog I started my blog two years ago, initially to document my progress with sewing and reconstructing vintage dresses, but then that fell off the radar since I was so busy with school and work. Then last year, I just randomly posted photos of my outfits in my blog since I was already posting outfits in's forums.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I'm just like a normal girl who not only documents my outfits but also my life which is a very important part of my blog. I want my readers to not only see me through their eyes but see what I see with my eyes (if that makes any sense at all haha). how is your style different than everyone else I'm not that much different than everyone else since I get inspired by a lot of other individuals. I just tend to add my own flair to it. who is your inspiration Definitely the people you seen in Sartorialist and Garance Dore. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite. And I would love Kate Lanphear's closet. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog
I'd love people to leave my blog thinking that they don't need a million dollars to look good. Heck, maybe even $100. I just want to leave a good enough impression so that my readers will come back wanting more. From there, I'll know whether or not I inspired them whether fashion-wise, food-wise, photography-wise, I just hope I inspire my readers one way or another