how did you come up
with the name of your
There's a scene from Scrubs where Elliot says something like, "Sometimes I like to dance like noone's watching...with the curtains closed of course, just in case someone is watching" I loved the irony of it. I'm all about the irony, and contrast, so I remembered it
and randomly came up with the name when I made this blog. when where you introduced to fashion I've always been interested in fashion and dressing up. But actually having a clue?...haha, that probably happened only when I started high school? Of course, looking back, my look and taste have changed a lot, but I think there's been a common theme all along. how do you describe your style Monochrome, without all the accessories. I also dress depending on where I'm going. I like mixing edgy and girly elements, it's all about contrast. Some days a more girly outfit would make me feel confident, and some days I could feel like looking more edgy, it just all depends.

what made you start a fashion blog
I've always loved blogging! I've had some form of a blog since I was 14. I just like being able to jot down and share whatever is inspiring (a lot of which happens to be fashion/model related), to anyone who cares to look. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Something other than the hip. And I guess it's nice when you see blogs that don't repost the same photos that you see on every other blog. how is your style different than everyone else It's not that different than anyone else who is "fashion-conscious" because I guess we all share each other's ideas and inspiration. I'm not afraid to follow trends, because going out of your way to dress outrageously to stand out isn't as inspiring as being able to capture the room no matter what you're wearing.
who is your inspiration
If it had to be just one person, I'd say Mary-Kate, although I don't exactly think every single thing she does is genius. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I want them to want to add it to their vault of inspiration!