I've been following the Mannheim, Germany natives for quite some time now...and
i must say, their blog is not just full of eye candy it's a journey. I so appreciate the
time that Ngoc and Laura has given me. "we don't think that our style is new, different or something like that. we don't try to be up to date"... So please enjoy, the two 22 year old minds of 'The Sucking Sucks'
how do you describe your styles
Laura: i adore the color black, cause I always feel it is a form of timeless elegance. Also, I adore the style of the 60ties mods in England and their whole music scene. Ngoc: I love different colours and also non-colours such as black and white. My style is rather simple and clean with a touch of chicness. I love basics.

what made you start a fashion blog
We wanted to start a documentary about our progress focusing on our personal style and our time together. We have a lot in common: we live together, we have the same major and we share the same experiences in sorrow and happiness. We also want to show how diverse our city Mannheim is. The city is known as dirty and repelling - but we love the city and want to show how we perceive Mannheim.

what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world
I don't think we bring a lot of new things to the "blogger world". We don’t write about runway shows or collections because we think that there are other blogs who are better for this kind of stuff like horstandlynn, for example. Our strength is our sense of acting on the spur of the moment. We capture moments that are important to us. We show down-to-earth street style, maybe this is why people like our blog.

who is your inspiration
Laura: I adore the style of the 60ties mods in England and their whole music scene. Movies like “quadrophenia” are a source of inspiration for me. I also try to mesh up this mod glam with my personal view on things. Ngoc: My everyday life is my inspiration. People around me, blogs, the music world and movies also inspire me a lot.

what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blognice girls, wonderful pictures, interesting stories - pure life ha ha :D