How do i start, first i would like to say I'm so honored to have the privilege to feature this
amazing young lady. The first time stumbled onto her site i was hooked...I'm not sure if
it is the soft tone of her photos or the 70 inspired attire. Whatever it is, it's addictive and
it keeps you coming back day after day. But, please don't just listen to what say...take
a look for yourself. All the way from Hamburg, Germany...Isabelle of Bohemian Musing.
How did you come up with the name of your blog? I thought really putting a stamp onto where the blog would be going. I thought musings would be the perfect description because really, that´s what I´m doing: musings about the beautiful madness that life is. as for the bohemian part: I simply love that era, it can´t be narrowed down to 1900 though, to me a bohemian is more of a free spirit that can be found in every decade.
How do you describe your style? I don´t really like to label myself or my style because this would narrow it down and put borders to where I can go with it. I like to say my style is free spirited because this really is what I live my life by and it allows you to play around a little bit. it´s just clothes, nothing serious. What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? What do I bring to the fashion blog world.. I hope there is more to my blog than fashion really. I love fashion but it is just a form of self expression that I can find in literature or acting too. right now I´m trying to get to an even deeper level with the blog by publishing some of my literary work which is a very personal step for me. so I´m just being the person that I am including all the quirks on a more public level which I think might encourage others to be more out there too.

What made you start a fashion blog? I always wrote my inspirations down in scrapbooks etc. so I thought blogging would just take it to another level where people could get an insight into my personal notes. How is your style different than everyone else? Ah, tough one. I don´t know, sometimes I just wear a pair of cutoffs and a white tee so you might perhaps think I am going down the wang-path as did every other blogger too lately. For me style is what is behind the surface though. maybe my style is different than others because I´m really comfortable with it an don´t need a label because I know that whatever I wear reflects a different facet of myself. it varies a lot- one day I might dress very 70s according to my mood, the other day I´m embracing my inner tough girl by wearing studs and leather. I´m not just one facet you know, I´m more like a disco ball when it comes to that.

Who is your inspiration? My answer to this always varies. Edie Sedgwick. Daisies. music. models. literature. rock stars. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I´d like to leave you with a scene here from one of my favourite movies 'factory girl' where Andy Warhol meets Edie for the first time and offers her to be in one of his movies. When she asks him what she was supposed to do, he answers 'just be yourself' which makes her laugh and come back with 'which one?'. I think people should stop analyzing themselves and just be who they want to be, whoever that is that day