Fashion Jinx has taken pride, in the voluntary showcasing of some of the world most amazing fashion blogs. We shine light on some of the most popular sites out there, while introducing you to other great blogs that has been under the radar. Now, we all have our favorite blogs that we follow and we get a small glimpse into their world. So, we've decided to take it one step higher. This post will start the first ever one on one interview with some of our fave bloggers, to learn more about them and what motivates them to share themselves with the world. First up, we have the creative force behind Just Because Fashion Laura & Gloria

How do you describe your styles? We have a different style although we use to buy a lot of similar things. Laura love fashion, she always goes with heels, she love them!! She mixes an old jeans with a new blazer, and the result is always cool! Gloria likes easy wear clothes, and love dresses, specially in summer.

What made you start a fashion blog? We both love fashion, since we were very young we used to talk a lot of fashion, buy all the magazines, go shopping together,...Now, we live in different cities and we decided to start this blog for being closer each other and also for show people how u can be cool and don't spend a lot of money on clothes.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? We are not pretentious. We just want to show u all our outfits and even teach that the most important thing is the attitude!!!

How is your style different than everyone else? We don´t know, maybe people should answer this question, but one more time: attitude!!

Who or what is your inspiration? Inspiration is in everywhere. We love fashion magazines but the real fashion is on the street.

What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? All our outfits are assigned to normal girls. We just want that people enjoy the pics and may see that we are really normal girls!!