Fashion Jinx has had the privilege to get the scoop, on yet another dynamic fashion duo. Next up, is the signature styles behind We Were Damsels "Nadia and Laritza"

How would you describe your styles?Laritza :I mix vintage pieces with new trendy clothing. I mix colors with vintage blazers or ethic scarves. I really think accessories are my favorite part of my style I love headbands, hats, scarves, and rings. My style is really a product of my music influences I can wear a leather jacket and some shredded jeans and listen to Metallica or the runaways. My style derives from the city I live in as well..NY is a pool of different cultures and creative tastes.Nadia: My style is more about being in the mood for something different, for ex. one day i want to look like a runaway teen or an uptown socialite, and really i don't think it makes much sense to anyone but my self . I just like putting on the clothes and looking different every time i go out . I have an edgy/grungy/quirky look and then the next day i have a posh/prim/feminine look.

What made you start a fashion blog?Laritza:I admired some fashion blogs for some time until Nadia sparked the idea of creating our own blog. What made me really become excited about the blog was that we would get to share our chemistry for fashion with everybody.Nadia: I had given plenty of thought before but i always dismissed it, thinking oh yea who would be interested. Then one day i just mentioned it to Laritza and we decided to do it together. i figured if i failed I'd have her for support and really anything we do is fun . just takes the pressure off of one person .
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world?Laritza:I try not to look dated but clean cut with basic pieces of clothing with a lot of colors. I like mixing colors and making the right areas I am most confident be the center of attention.Nadia: Just the fact we are different people and no blogger is exactly the same as the other . But also the fact that i happen to know that she has great style that she is original and unique . We are both original and unique and that's the main thing when it comes to fashion and trying to stand out in the blogging world.
How is your style different than everyone else?Laritza:My style is simple I feel sexiest with a skirt and a tee with a blazer to soften the look. My favorite part of my personal style is looking for key accessories to add a quirky spin to my look.Nadia: my style is different because it changes so often and it's not predictable at all . I mix and pair things in a unique way or at least i like to think i do .
Who or what is your inspiration?Laritza:Definitely the music I listen to makes an impact and also people like Daisy Lowe and Stella McCartney.Nadia: My inspiration comes from NYC and people. Music is also a huge part of my life and i love people who have big personalities and are interesting. That inspires my look.

What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog?
Laritza:I want others to feel good about what they wear and dress to reflect who they are.Nadia: I want for people to feel like they know me a little. just in general i am a pretty open person (sometimes too open). I want others to enjoy my experiences with my personal style and other parts of my life. Oh and of course anyone of my readers knows that i love to share music that they wouldn't normally hear. If i get one person to click play then i am a happy blogger.