PART II of the Jinx Jean feature...These young ladies where also asked the following... what do you look for in a pair of jeans and what should a pair of jeans do for you? Enjoy the answers and check out their blogs...

I look for the shapes of the jeans - I don't want anything that'll be unflattering... Make my legs look toned under all that fabric! They should also make me feel comfortable. :)Feel free to ask any more questions :)

Absolutely Oblivious

In the first place I look for comfort in my jeans. It´s important to choose well the height and that neither are too tight. A basic model could turn in the perfect jeans to complete your look. Then depending on the trends I look for different colors, destroyed, cigarettes, flared, with patches, tie-dey....
A perfect jeans is that one that for the day accompanied of t-shirts obtains an image comfortable and relaxed very sport. More elegant with white shirt and in the night with a good heel it can make you feel very sexy.

Lady Addict

First, I match it wit everything, flats, heels, tennis, t-shirts, blouses,with sequins, silk or fur it depends on if it is for a night or day look.

Second, Just to fit me perfectly.

Thank you dear!

Olga xoxo!!