how did you come up with the name of your blog? it's actually just based on a whim, and i didn't really know where i get them. it sounds a bit cheesy, but it expresses how i like to be colored by my fashion choices.
when where you introduced to fashion? i've liked fashion ever since i were small--toddler, even. i've always remembered people by what they're wearing. As i grew up, i became very fond of styling my friends and browsing the internet for designers and shows. i became very interested in being a fashion designer.
how do you describe your style? My style does not come from a high-end branded stuff. I work with what i got. Hand me downs, thrifteds, bargain sales, but everytime i put on an outfit, i'll make sure it's unique and uncommon! :)
what made you start a fashion blog? i started the blog to see how far my fashion and style grow, and to join the blogosphere, which is a wonderful place to be indulged in fashion.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? i think what i bring is a style that does not need a lot of paychecks to achieve. i show people that even without high end brands, you can still be stylish and chic!
how is your style different than everyone else? I love to add a little indonesian inspired clothing item into my outfit. wether it's Batik, or a handmade butterfly top from Bali, on the whole, i like to dress differently than people would usually wear their daily outfits, and be eye catching!
who is your inspiration? My inspiration is everywhere! the streets, the blogs, the shows, fashion is everywhere.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? Fashion came within yourself and with how you work with what you have! :)

Jessica Yowiko