how did you come up with the name of your blog I admit that the name of my blog is quite unusual for a fashion blog... Well, I chose Crazy Pig's Ideas, because pig is my favourite animal, the "crazy" reflects my personality (It's not a diagnosis, but it's true in some way :D), and "ideas", uh, because I liked it :) when where you introduced to fashion I've always liked fashion since I was little, but I was kind of passive follower very long time. It's about 3 years ago that I became more seriously interested about it :) how do you describe your style My friends always say about my style that it's as crazy and original as me :D In general, my style consists in neutral colours, as is black, beige, white and grey; I wear practically only these. I also try to mix rock with vintage, two styles that are closest to me. what made you start a fashion blog I don't really know. I had many blogs before, which weren't about fashion, and when I noticed that the fashion blog community is still bigger and bigger, I told to myself that I could give it a try, too. And I'm very satisfied, I think It's more than about posting photos, I met a lot of amazing people thanks to blogging!
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world It's difficult to consider myself like this... Maybe a little bit of creativity. Sometimes, when reading some blogs (not all!), I feel like they're just about following trends, that there's no personal touch. I hope that I go further than this... And even if I know that I'm far away from drawing well, I use to post some of my art, because I think that fashion isn't just about clothes. how is your style different than every one else I buy a lot of clothes in thrift stores, where I always find some rare piece, so there aren't many people who would wear the same thing... What is also different are my hairstyles- I often wear a bun or a pony tail at the very top or my head. who or what is your inspiration My biggest inspiration are, of course, fashion blogs. If I had to name my favourite bloggers, it would be Laure from grunge manners, then the awesome rocker Liisa from fruit machine , Jessica from fascinationdrop and Ivania from love aesthetics. Then, I'm also inspired by artists, for example Anna Higgie, or more famous one- Toulouse-Lautrec. And finally, people with such an inspiring character, as is Hugh Laurie, but this has nothing to do with fashion, of course. who is your inspiration That's a difficult question. Of course I care about what impressions I leave on my readers, but It's not like "I can't write this, they would say I'm crazy" or something. I think it's on readers to decide if I seem likable to them or not, I surely can't leave positive impression on all of them... In general, I want them to realize they read real me, that I'm not acting like someone else or better. I want to leave an impression of me like normal, slightly crazy girl, who has a lot of interests :) who is your favorite designer As I'm far away from having enough money to buy any designer clothes, I don't follow all of the amazing collections regularly. But I really admire Alexander Wang's original concept, with all its specific geometry and layering. Then I like for example Burberry and Elisabeth and James.what piece is a must have in your closet can't live without my dark blue skinny jeans. It's a basic piece, but what would I do If I had no jeans? :D In fact, I don't have three tons of clothes, I've enough of clothes, but I wear everything from my closet- so every piece is important to me as a "must have" ;)