how did you came up with the name of your blog it was pretty easy. I was searching for something that everybody can remember and as we all love and know those " i heart ny" shirts, i came up with " i heart alice". And alice is my second name. when where you introduced to fashion my mummy use to buy me strange clothes. And i said never again!!! how do you describe your style it is always the same, i love leggings. I love shirts so i wear wide shirts. I love hoodies and blazers so i wear them. it isn't glamorous. It isn't sporty. It isn't chic. It's just me. what made you start a fashion blog I didn't start with a fashion blog. I just started a blog as a visual diary of me. I wanted to share my ideas my thoughts and my inspirations. I i blog about things that inspires me and that is mostly fashion. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I'm just another crazy shopping addict, but shopping is much more intimate for me how is your style different than everyone else I'll show the fashion world that not every girl/women has to be super-model tall to look good in clothes. who is your inspiration Real ordinary every day people, who just dress how they want to dress. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog it is not about how good you are in school, what size you wear or how much money you earn. Everything is about feelings. who is your favorite designer Lala Berlin and Kaviar Gauche (German Designers) What piece is a must have in your closet killer high heels..