how did you come up with the name of your blog “Dirty Hair Halo” is the name of one of my favorite Black Crowes songs. In thinking of a name for my blog I didn’t want to use the words “style” or “fashion” because it’s too obvious and cheesy. I like the name “Dirty Hair Halo” because it reminds me of a grungy hippie without saying so. It just fits.
when were you introduced to fashion In one word: Barbie. how do you describe your style Contradictive- i.e. Feminine with a sprinkle of gent, and boho with a dose of grunge. what made you start a fashion blog My husband made the suggestion that I start taking pictures of my outfits after noting I never wear the same outfit combination twice. A couple years later I was inspired by Karla’s Closet and Fashion Toast and started my blog in October 2009. It’s also a somewhat anonymous (internet-wise) outlet for me to satisfy my creative and completely self-indulgent/self-centered tendencies.what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I’d like to think I represent Minneapolis as a fun and creative city. Many people who’ve never been here think it’s a boring fly over city with nothing here and they’re completely wrong. Minneapolis is an artistic, forward-thinking and fashionable city, and I’m a product of is your style different than everyone else I wouldn’t say my style is completely different nor the same as anyone else. I gather inspiration from the street, the fashion blogging community, magazines, my friends and my own somewhat tacky taste in second hand clothes. I put everyone else’s ideas into a big mixer with my own and just let it happen. who is your inspiration The entire fashion blogging community and Mary Kate Olsen. I love that b*tch. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog Fashion has a sense of humor and everyday is a perfect day to have fun with the way you look. who is your favorite designer I don’t focus on any one designer in particular, in fact I’m not very familiarized with them. I don’t place any great importance on labels or brands. I’m more of a thrifter, and with that said I prefer to shop locally at second-hand clothing exchange stores. what piece is a must have in your closet My black fedora. It makes everything from girly dresses to boyfriend blazers look that much cooler.
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