how did you come up with the name of your blog I got it from the song The Bomb by Bitter:Sweet. A few lines go: "Taste all your hearts desires. Take a boat ride through the sky and play. Go where it is you want to go. See the world on a float someday." And the phrase "boat ride through the sky" just stuck. I like the message of the whole song -- taking chances and enjoying life and all -- and so, I decided to make it my blog's name to remind me of how I should live my life everyday. when where you introduced to fashion I guess I can say that I was exposed to fashion at an early age, having a mom who was quite a fashionista in her time (even if she doesn't think so). It was important to her that I looked nice and pretty all the time (what mother doesn't want that for her child, right?), so when I was little, she or my nanny would dress me up in frilly Sunday dresses and stockings, and they'd always make sure that my hair was slicked back and neat. Playing dress up with my Barbie dolls also helped, I suppose. Of course, I eventually learned how to choose my own clothes and picked up personal preferences along the way. But I think I peaked when I got to college, when I didn't have to wear a uniform anymore like in grade school and high school! how do you describe your style This is always such a difficult question to answer, because I don't like limiting myself to one style. But I guess I've always leaned more towards the feminine and romantic pieces, like lace and florals. I also like to keep things simple and natural as much as possible, so whatever feels good for the day is always the way to go for me.
what made you start a fashion blog I've been blogging ever since end of 2003, but I kept it more private and personal at LiveJournal. Over at LJ, I joined a few fashion communities, which I think really opened me up to the idea of starting a fashion blog, but it actually took me a couple of years before doing it (I only started January of this year!). Before putting up my blog, I satisfied myself to just stalking my favorite blogs, but later on, I realized I wanted to share a bit of myself, too, so my blog was born! what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world My charm and my witty sense of humor. Har har, just kidding. I'm not sure, but I always make it a point not to take fashion too seriously, and I hope that other people can loosen up and just have fun with it as well. There's so much more about fashion and about life in general that need appreciating! how is your style different than everyone else That's a tough one! I guess don't really keep tabs on the trends. As long as I like it, I'll wear it, whether it's considered "in" or not. Of course, it's inevitable to take a few ideas from other people, but I do make sure I incorporate them without compromising my personality and wear them with sure comfort and confidence.
who is your inspiration Street styles and fashion bloggers, mostly. There are too many gorgeous and fashionable people everywhere to mention one by one! I also take cues from the timeless Anna Karina and Francoise Hardy to today's Vanessa Hudgens and Zooey Deschanel, to name a few. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I'd like to think that I'm being natural and realistic when I blog, that I'm always being true to myself, and I hope people see that. I don't just blog about what I wear, but I also like to share bits of my real life, so I'm really just praying that people don't find me too weird or hate me or anything! who is your favorite designer Honestly, I'm the last person you should ask about designers! I'm poor at naming them. Sorry, I'm actually pretty boring like that, haha. what piece is a must have in your closet A soft, white or cream button down top! I think it goes with nearly anything and everything!