how did you come up with the name of your blog I wish I had a longer and better answer to this question. But the answer is simple, Polliani is my surname, and for those who know me it is easy to remember my blog and visit ofter. when where you introduced to fashion I have always been into fashion and obsessed with shopping and dressing up. When I was younger I loved looking in magazines and was dreaming of dresses and shoes. how do you describe your style I have changed my styles a lot over the years. I'm finally satisfied with how I look and who I am. I love the 80’s and the 90’s and mix vintage with new design. I dresses like a confused rock chick. I love grays and black, leather and studs but I can easily wear clothes with crazy patterns and strong shoulders. I love being feminine so I like to show my legs and a lot of skin. It is not always easy to dress nicely in a country that has 9 months with minus degrees outside so when its cold I use a lot of fur, hoods, leather and boots what made you start a fashion blog My passion for fashion got so big and I was obsessed by looking into magazines, or shopping, and looking up stuff on the internet and felt like I didn't have many people around me to talk about all of this. To have a fashion blog opens up the world to get new ”friends” who loves the same stuff that you do and the best thing, tips you about fashion and pages you didn't know about. I just love sitting hours looking at bloggers outfits. Clichè I know, but Fashion is my passion. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world That is a tricky one. Simply because there is so many great blogs out there. But I dare to look different and I guess that's why I have a lot of readers that keeps coming back. I have heard that my readers like to look at my outfits and see where my job is taking me around the world. I work as a TV director and caster and my job has given me an opportunity to shop all around the world. Lucky me! how is your style different than everyone else I don’t know if my style is THAT different, but I think it is a mix of how I put together different outfit that makes my style unique. There is a lot of great fashionistas out there that all have great individual styles who is your inspiration I find a lot of inspirations when it comes to fashion. I read a lot of fashion magazines, I search the web, and I read a lot of blogs.. I also love looking at people in the streets and on red carpets to find trends, does and dont’s. I love music videos especially Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga’s ” telephone” have you seen their outfits? It’s amazing! what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope to leave my readers with a lot of inspiration. I want to inspire my readers to wear their own individual style and to dare. I also hope that my readers enjoys my pictures, I have not seen that many blogs that has old style Polaroid pictures on their blogs who is your favorite designer I have a lot of favorite designers. There is a lot of Norwegian designers like Vatle you guys need to check out. My husband has his own brand called INI and I am designing INI by Polliani, a line for girls coming up spring 2011. I also love Alexander Wang, Gestuz, Acne, H&M, Weekday, Erin Wasson, and Wildfox. I like to mix different designers into my outfit, something cheap, something expensive. what piece is a must have in your closet I wear a lot of fur when its cold here in Norway, and leather, blacks and grays.. and I could not live without my vintage shorts.

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