how did you come up with the name of your blog Besides fashion; art, music, photography and literature are a big part of my life. The fact that my blog name has the word "canvas" in it kinda gives me the freedom to blog about anything I want because it´s "my canvas" and since fashion is what I love the most "Fashion Canvas" seemed like a good name. It´s pretty straight forward but I love it. when where you introduced to fashion My mom was always into fashion and the latest trends so I guess I grew up being surrounded by the atmosphere of style. Also my grandmother was and still is extremely sophisticated and always took care of her appearance. She would always put on her brooch, jewelry, chalecos and that´s how I slowly learned to put together my own outfits. I remember my mom having this huge walk-in closet (think Carrie Bradshaw) and when she would leave the house I would go in there and try things on. I remember begging my mom to take me with her when she was going around the designer stores. As a chid/young teenager I went through so many phases.. I had my punk-rock phase, my R&B girl phase and even my prep/snob phase. It´s almost embarrasing to look at my childhood photos haha. As I became older my style developed a lot and I learned to express myself through my clothes. how do you describe your style I never feel comfortable answering this question because it´s hard to describe my style or anyones style for that matter. I think that even though my style can change from day to day or week to week I´ll always stick to what I love the most. Mixing edge, femininity and sophistication. For example a pair of biker boots with a floral dress and an oversized blazer. I also love jewelry because it adds a really personal feel to an outfit. I think that mostly I love things that are unique and different in their own way, that´s why vintage is always good! Fashion should be a form of art, you should be able to really express yourself through your clothes. For example I´v got these few necklaces and rings that i wear every single day and they have such sentimental value to them that I feel like if I wouldn't be wearing them I would loose a part of who I am. I guess you could say that my style is imperfectly perfect. Slightly ripped and worn out clothes have so much more character behind them than a brand new pair of jeans for example. My clothes become a part of me and my personality. For example: the studded Zara bag that I wear every single day has "been" through so much with me because wherever I go the bag goes with me, it´s part of me on a day-to-day basis. As opposed to this sequin dress of mine that only gets worn on really special occasions and so it gets to "experience" the sentimental and unforgettable moments in my life. what made you start a fashion blog I just decided to do it one day. I never knew that blogging was such a global thing. I always knew that if I would blog it would be about fashion because it is my art. In the beginning when no-one even read my blog I used it as an online storage of inspiration. I would then come back every week and review what I had posted. It is so hilariouslooking back at my very first posts and thinking about how much I have learned and changed throughout the time. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I think that every single blog out there brings something fresh and exciting to the fashion world. I dedicate way too much time and effort into my blog,so it has became like a daily job for me. I seriously feel nostalgic when I haven't posted for a day! What I appreciate so much about the blogging world, is that every single blog out there offers something new and exciting. Even if it´s a tiny thing. I am one of the few blogs who doesn´t really take part in posting outfits that I wear, but I think that even so I can keep a reader interested. I like things that are different and would appeal to someone in different ways. I have good research skills so I always try to look at new sources for blogging material. I also keep it quite personal by posting my photography and styling projects. how is your style different than everyone else I was born in Moscow, brought up in Belgium and lived in Spain for over 4 years now. Meanwhile i´v done a lot of travelling. I guess that because of my very cultural background I take a little bit of every culture I see and it becomes a part of me and that part becomes visible in my style. I love shopping at Zara and H&M just like every other girl out there but by adding vintage pieces and unique jewelry I manage to stay quite unique. I love visiting flea markets and finding really amazing one of kind pieces. I also love DIY´ing items. Ripping T-shirts, leggings, sewing buttons onto blazers, studding shoes,bags etc. who is your inspiration I am, naturally, inspired by the Olsens, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Chloe Sivigny, models-of-duty etc and Atlanta De Cadenet. But I think most of my inspiration comes from streetstyle and everyday people who I see and meet on a daily basis. My mother and sister are incredibly stylish so being surrounded by them everyday means that I´m bound to get inspired. And of course my daily inspiration also comes from bloggers. I read about 40 blogs a day that NEVER fail to inspire me. Besides that, I turn to books,art and music or movies such as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Dreamers, etc for inspiration what impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? It sounds cliché but I just want them to have a really great day because they just found inspiration to make their day complete