how did you come up with the name of your blog I came up with the name for my blog the day after i rewatched the movie 'pretty in pink.' I'm obsessed with pretty things in leather: jackets, shoes, skirts, shorts, ect. i love the look of a very feminine silhouette with a hard texture such as leather.when where you introduced to fashionI was introduced to fashion in my high school years. I was a late starter. how do you describe your style
my style changes from day to day depending on my mood. some days i feel bohemian, some days i like things more structured, some days i like feminine ruffles. i really like mixing and matching different genres of clothing. i like mixing an expensive item with bargain thrifted pieces. it makes an outfit so much more appealing than head to toe designer.
what made you start a fashion blog
I had been on and other style documenting websites and i wanted a different way to get my voice out there. I think i have a lot to say about fashion, i just wanted another creative outlet to get my opinions out there.what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world my perspective. its always interesting to see other people's perspective about fashion. i really enjoy reading other blogs and i hope other people feel the same about is your style different than everyone else i think my style includes a lot of diys and garments th at i have created in my free time. these are just ideas i get from my daily influences. my concepts and ideas are always evolving. you can always tell the things i am influenced by, by the garments that i create.
who is your inspiration ive always been inspired by females in the past and music from the past. the beatles, the rolling stones, brigitte bardot, chrissie shrimpton, jane birkin, anita pallenburg, marianne faithfull, yoko ono, pattie boyd, christie turlington, david bowie, and so so much more.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blogi hope i inspire people to want to create beautiful things.who is your favorite designer rei kawakubo, yohji yamamoto, rick owens, margielawhat piece is a must have in your closet my pearl necklace. it was a gift from my father. i feel that things that have high sentimental value are the things that are 'must haves.'