how did you come up with the name of your blog I was reading a book during my high school days. It was named Sweetarrow something and I just adapted the name for my blog haha. It was just a random name that I grew to like it a lot
when where you introduced to fashion After I stopped wearing uniform. It was mostly influenced from my mom because she used to shop for my wardrobe but now that I am grown up I took control of my own clothes.
how do you describe your style I love anything that is versatile so I can experiment and dress according to my mood what made you start a fashion blog It was initially an avenue for me to display my love for fashion and photography and it slowly evolves into taking outfit pictures and such what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I think I brought in my insight opinions and findings where it can subjective but maybe someone out there in the WWW might take a liking so it's like contributing to the blog world.. Because I doubt everyone feels the same about every trends, every look or every editorials. It's nice to have different point of views
how is your style different than everyone else Personally I dislike dressing like the majority on the street so I guess I stand out most of the time. who is your inspiration Streetstyle blog like and facehunter. They always manage to capture the outfits that are so full of inspiration and creativity. People that I follow are Alexa Chung, Caroline at and some others..
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your?blog I hope to be an inspiration to anyone who reads my blog and does not mean you are not a model or does not study fashion-related, you can't dress up and have fun who is your favorite designer Alexander Wang, Brian Lichtenberg, Marc Jacobs and more. what piece is
a must have in your closet The denim jacket, I wear it with almost everything!