how did you come up with the name of your blog - "Res pulchrae" means "beautiful things" in Latin - and that's pretty much what I want my closet to be filled with!
when where you introduced to fashion
- I've always been interested in fashion (that doesn't necessarily mean I've always had good style - most of my grade school years were kind of embarrassing in terms of style, now that I look back...) My first fashion memory is of this gray, floppy felt hat that I wore non-stop when I was a toddler. I think I may have taken it from one of my dolls actually. how do you describe your style - I stick to neutral colors (makes it easier to put outfits together - everything always matches!), I love mixing textures - right now I wear a lot of leather mixed with cashmere scarves and cotton tees. I don't wear a lot of skirts and dresses because hemlines are a big issue for me (I am not very tall,) but I do love skinny black pants and own several in all sorts of materials. I feel naked without a blazer and scarf, so summer is by far my least favorite season for fashion!
what made you start a fashion blog - My blog is an extension of mystylediary, where I first chronicled my daily outfits online. I always wanted to put together a "fashion diary" to help me decide what to wear and to see which outfits work and which ones don't. I also wanted to catalog the items in my closet, which is why I provide close-up pictures of each item I'm wearing - my photobucket account where all these pictures are stored act as my virtual closet. how is your style different than everyone else
- I can't say for sure that my style is unique; when I think of unique style I think of people like Susie Bubble. I am in my twenties, which probably makes me older than the majority of fashion bloggers out there. I try to stay away from trends - you probably won't see hole-y tights, shredded tees, or overly-studded bags on my blog. I also don't own as much vintage as other fashion bloggers. I realize that vintage items are one-of-a-kind, but I feel like the whole mixing-vintage-with-new look has lost its edge, it doesn't look as fresh to me. I have trouble wearing vintage without looking like a hipster, so you won't see much vintage on my blog.
who is your inspiration
- A few of my style icons (I have many) include: Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Traina. Bloggers I check daily (there are quite a few - even more than I have listed on my blogroll) include Sophia of Phosphene, Mode d'Amour, Hanh of Life in Travel, and Caroline Blomst of Carolines Mode.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world & what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog
- I am but a small ripple in a whole ocean of fashion bloggers, so my contribution to the fashion world is miniscule. I have always gotten good response to my outfits when I posted them on stylediary, so I decided to share them via my blog. My blog is a style diary, not a personal diary, so I hope the clothes will always be the main focus. My outfits are very easy to replicate - as a reader once commented, my closet is made up of "luxe basics," tees, skinny pants, and chunky knits. My outfits
are just different combinations of the same items,
so I hope that if a reader gets inspired by one of my outfits, she can easily copy the look.