how did you come up with
the name of your blog
I actually got the name Wild Tortoise from a random band name
generator that I found online. I’ve always been a huge Cat Stevens fan
and one of my favourite songs of all time is “Wild World” so I put the
word “wild” into the generator and “Wild Tortoise” was one of the
options that came up. I found the imagery so ironic and hilarious that
I've kept it ever since.when where you introduced to fashion
I have been buying magazines since I was in elementary school and
though I can’t say that I’ve always had an eye for fashion (I have
succumbed to some terrible trends when I was younger), I’ve always
admired the fashion and beauty editorials far more than the
“embarrassing moments of the month” or “101 relationship tips”
articles. Discovering the fashion community on the internet really was
the catalyst that made my interest in fashion do you describe your style
My style is honestly all over the place but I love playing around with

different textures and pieces that contrast each other, such as a
dainty top with a studded skirt and tough accessories. I am also a
believer that clothes are not only to be looked at but felt and
touched. I have such a soft spot for anything velvet and brocade right
now!what made you start a fashion blog
I first stumbled upon the now infamous Fashion Toast a few years ago
and have been stalking fashion bloggers and especially streetstyle
blogs ever since. It wasn’t until recently that I felt confident
enough to start blogging. Actually, my excuse for starting my blog was
to have an outlet for when I go on exchange to Europe the upcoming
Spring, though it slowly evolved into something much more
fashion-centric.what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world
I’m actually very taken aback and flattered by anyone who comments and
even reads my blog! To be honest the most I hope to add is inspiration
because that’s what all the blogs I’ve followed over the years have
given me. If not that, then maybe a few laughs as I complain about
student life and being is your style different than everyone else
Oh wow I pull inspiration from so many outlets that it’s hard for me
to pinpoint what makes me different. To me it’s more about just having
fun and being comfortable in what I wear rather than standing out in a
who is your inspiration
I’ve always admired how effortlessly cool Daisy Lowe, Jenn Brill and
Erin Wasson constantly manage to look. Oh and I love the Japanese
fashion magazine ViVi. And I pretty much want Rachel Zoe's life.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog That you should never take life or fashion too seriously!