Family i must say, i fall'n in love again...believe me its not that hard to do, after you take a look at the lovely Wendy, check her, leave a comment and fall in love..... JINX How did you come up with the name of your blog? It was really random. My blog started out with a combination of my initials, which didn't sound too fashionable or anything near at all. I wanted 'BlackCoffee' at first because of All Saints' Black Coffee and the black coffee itself. But it was taken, so I thought of BreadCrumbs, which was also taken. Frustrated, I thought, why not combine both? And that was how I got BlackCoffeeCrumbs. Besides, a cup of black coffee with toasted bread crumbs all over the saucer plate really goes with an issue of Vogue in the morning - really soothing. I wanted my blog to be that way.
How did you describe your style? Anything that looks good on me, basically. Like the famous Hubert de Givenchy said, 'The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress'. It is really true in a sense that, the trend report might reckon round sunnies being the 'It' thing but if it doesn't flatter any features on my face, I wouldn't go for it. So, to look good, for me I would always opt for something more feminine, with a little neatness and clean-cuts, and most importantly looking casually laid-back, at the same time. I don't like being too prepped up or being too trashy. I like it in the middle. I am also more biased towards monotone colours like black, white and my all time favourite, grey. When in doubt, I would always grab grey.

What made you start a fashion blog? Fashion blogosphere was initially made known to me by my sisters, who are also fashion bloggers themselves and my very first encounter was with Karla, Camille of Childhoodflames and Jak&Jil. I was like, 'Where have I been all this while??' After months of being fascinated by them blogs, blogfollowing, blogreading you name it, I finally decided to give it a go. Unlike others, I started my blog with a mission to create affordable styles which are able to stand up on their own without having the labels playing much of a role in it. Other than that, it also serves as a fashion portfolio for myself and to fill up the little time that I have everyday. That pretty much compiled the reason behind the existence of my blog.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? LOL honestly, nothing at the mo. I am still a newbie, still exploring, still unknown. But, I hope to create new styles and new trends with a little artistic feel injected to it. I would love to collaborate both fashion and art into my blog. And, I hope that, by being 'Jinx-ed', I must have brought something to the fashion blog world, am I? Or am I not? *winks How is your style different from anyone else? I don't really consider my style being different from others. I picked up a little bit of here and there and had it made to suit me and my personality. So, what makes it different, would be me, the wearer, I guess :-)

Who is your inspiration? Style wise, I always find Jacqueline Kennedy being an inspiration in the fashion world. She is the epitome of elegance and beauty both combined. Definitely iconic, she is also definitely a trendsetter of the 50's and pretty much determined how formal wear should look like even till now. On a daily basis, I find my mom being such an inspiration in my life. Besides God, I count on her for words of wisdom and life advices. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? That I don't bite LOL. Other than that, I would love to inspire people to start a fashion blog or any other blogs and just speak their mind and get creative. I would love if my blog could make people feel as though they've just had a cup of coffee over a fashion magazine.
Jose Jimenez going to work attire, followed by going to a friend's gig at some bar in the village ... so call it rock n work attire ... yes this is prolly my fave vest, the front is more traditional black pinstripe, but the back has a very cool gray pattern. also ... moe, get out of the way man, ur covering up my chucks and showing ur behind to the world! Twitter Flickr Weardrobe Facebook MySpace

Family you've got to check out my girl...Coline you will not be disapointed....

I've been following the Mannheim, Germany natives for quite some time now...and
i must say, their blog is not just full of eye candy it's a journey. I so appreciate the
time that Ngoc and Laura has given me. "we don't think that our style is new, different or something like that. we don't try to be up to date"... So please enjoy, the two 22 year old minds of 'The Sucking Sucks'
how do you describe your styles
Laura: i adore the color black, cause I always feel it is a form of timeless elegance. Also, I adore the style of the 60ties mods in England and their whole music scene. Ngoc: I love different colours and also non-colours such as black and white. My style is rather simple and clean with a touch of chicness. I love basics.

what made you start a fashion blog
We wanted to start a documentary about our progress focusing on our personal style and our time together. We have a lot in common: we live together, we have the same major and we share the same experiences in sorrow and happiness. We also want to show how diverse our city Mannheim is. The city is known as dirty and repelling - but we love the city and want to show how we perceive Mannheim.

what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world
I don't think we bring a lot of new things to the "blogger world". We don’t write about runway shows or collections because we think that there are other blogs who are better for this kind of stuff like horstandlynn, for example. Our strength is our sense of acting on the spur of the moment. We capture moments that are important to us. We show down-to-earth street style, maybe this is why people like our blog.

who is your inspiration
Laura: I adore the style of the 60ties mods in England and their whole music scene. Movies like “quadrophenia” are a source of inspiration for me. I also try to mesh up this mod glam with my personal view on things. Ngoc: My everyday life is my inspiration. People around me, blogs, the music world and movies also inspire me a lot.

what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blognice girls, wonderful pictures, interesting stories - pure life ha ha :D
How do i start, first i would like to say I'm so honored to have the privilege to feature this
amazing young lady. The first time stumbled onto her site i was hooked...I'm not sure if
it is the soft tone of her photos or the 70 inspired attire. Whatever it is, it's addictive and
it keeps you coming back day after day. But, please don't just listen to what say...take
a look for yourself. All the way from Hamburg, Germany...Isabelle of Bohemian Musing.
How did you come up with the name of your blog? I thought really putting a stamp onto where the blog would be going. I thought musings would be the perfect description because really, that´s what I´m doing: musings about the beautiful madness that life is. as for the bohemian part: I simply love that era, it can´t be narrowed down to 1900 though, to me a bohemian is more of a free spirit that can be found in every decade.
How do you describe your style? I don´t really like to label myself or my style because this would narrow it down and put borders to where I can go with it. I like to say my style is free spirited because this really is what I live my life by and it allows you to play around a little bit. it´s just clothes, nothing serious. What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? What do I bring to the fashion blog world.. I hope there is more to my blog than fashion really. I love fashion but it is just a form of self expression that I can find in literature or acting too. right now I´m trying to get to an even deeper level with the blog by publishing some of my literary work which is a very personal step for me. so I´m just being the person that I am including all the quirks on a more public level which I think might encourage others to be more out there too.

What made you start a fashion blog? I always wrote my inspirations down in scrapbooks etc. so I thought blogging would just take it to another level where people could get an insight into my personal notes. How is your style different than everyone else? Ah, tough one. I don´t know, sometimes I just wear a pair of cutoffs and a white tee so you might perhaps think I am going down the wang-path as did every other blogger too lately. For me style is what is behind the surface though. maybe my style is different than others because I´m really comfortable with it an don´t need a label because I know that whatever I wear reflects a different facet of myself. it varies a lot- one day I might dress very 70s according to my mood, the other day I´m embracing my inner tough girl by wearing studs and leather. I´m not just one facet you know, I´m more like a disco ball when it comes to that.

Who is your inspiration? My answer to this always varies. Edie Sedgwick. Daisies. music. models. literature. rock stars. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I´d like to leave you with a scene here from one of my favourite movies 'factory girl' where Andy Warhol meets Edie for the first time and offers her to be in one of his movies. When she asks him what she was supposed to do, he answers 'just be yourself' which makes her laugh and come back with 'which one?'. I think people should stop analyzing themselves and just be who they want to be, whoever that is that day
School. Coffee. Ella Fitzgerald singing Gershwin. Wore my glasses almost all day. Sat outside, it was really warm today. Pernille ran around. Patrick made me brownies, he's such a sweetheart. I made dinner for my good friend Bente, and we sat around till late just talking and gossiping about all over the place. All in all a good day. FLICKR

Natalia Molko
The inspiration for this outfit came when I went to see Sex and the City the movie, when it had its premiere back in 2008. When I’ve seen Carrie, my fashion idol:D, wearing over the knee high socks with argyle pattern on it, I knew one thing: I’ve got to have them! I didn’t want to copy her whole outfit, therefore the only thing for me to achieve was to make them work somehow else. After a couple of trial outfits, it turned out that they’re not so easy to juxtapose;D So instead of setting them with some sophisticated and complicated outfit, I’ve tried an easy option… Hope you like it! I’ve totally fell in love with these socks and its colours…. my favourite colours to use in my outfits. Who would’ve thought I would find them in Primark?! The dress is also from there and it was only 3 pounds on sale!

I'm proud to introduce this rookie blogger, to the JINX family...So
every one stop by to say hello to my girl Hellen from Australia. Even though
she's new to this blogging thing, she has the potential to have a blogspot with
a great following...she grace the site with classy styles, infused with a front
row seat into her personal daily walk...feel free to stop by

This is me "JINX" people have been telling me i should post pixs of myself...i don't know...i love fashion i dress nice, but i don't think people really want to see this is a test,I'll let the people vote. If the people vote yes, i will post me pix on the site G&G.

I've been following the lovely Jessie for some time now,i guess a was attracted
to her dirty rock...that's what we call her style here in St. Louis. It's a combination
of grunge, rock and goth mixed with sit back, read what she has to
say, click this site Sanity Notebook, post a comment and enjoy...
How do you describe your style? Always a bit hesitant with bright colors, I usually dress in darker shades.I also lean towards slouchy pieces of clothing and mix them with more constructed forms.I enjoy that contrast along with the contrast of thrifted goods with newer ones.
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? If anything, I'd like to think I bring some sorts of pieces that people find appealing to the eye-whether it be the slap-together of clothes I’m wearing on a given day or a collage of my personal inspirations.

How is your style different than everyone else? I try to look at both commercial and non-commercial stores, hot brand and vintage spots, mom’s old trunk of clothes, dad’s old college shirt, etc. Really, I guess its the pieces chosen and which items are mixed together that would make anyone different from anyone else.

Who is your inspiration? People from all over. is a great inspiration pool. For me, any ethereal creature is paid special attention; I admire people who can throw things on with nothing but (maybe) a glance in the mirror and still come off confident and wicked, sloppy chic.

What made you start a fashion blog? A friend, Frances, introduced me to the fashion blogging world with her discovery of Before long my mouse was licking links left and right, taking me from one site to another. Inspired by the lot of them, I decided to start one for aesthetic purposes--to give me some new thing to play with when I took a break in between school obligations and social calls.
What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? It'd be nice for my blog to give off a vibe that would keep visitors coming back.If it be because they like what I wore one day, the design of the site, or the little nonsense posts in between, as long as they enjoy the experience.


Check out my girl Krystal Bick, a writer/fashion
enthusiast/lover of wine and all things vintage. This Time Tomorrow
I was surfing the web and on one of my fav sites I found this amazing
independent fashion designer. I love the raw essence, the talent, the drive
of hungry fashion designers that live, breath and eat what they
love...please stop by COCOTTE Dripbook page.
Then take a look @ the ONLINE STORE.

I finally caught up with the lovely Issa of WE WEAR THINGS, and I must say,
"this young lady is a force to reckon with." I could complement her style;you know...the way she brings live to every piece of fabric that touches her body or
the amazing fashion forward group of friends she has. All this is great, but
the cherry on top is that she design and fabricate beautiful custom garments...
don't take my word for it...check it out for yourself ISSAROCKS
Who contributes to the success of your blog? : Dru, Jeannie, and Roz
How do you describe your styles? We each have our own certain style. Here's a quick roundup of each: Issa-simplistic, feminine Jeannie-eclectic, colorful Roz-California cool Dru-minimalist nerd-chic

What made you start a fashion blog? I thought it would be a great way to express our individual sense of style.. and even more fun to do it with friends. And it's actually helped me be way more experimental in my outfits.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I never think that I'm actually bringing that much in terms of innovation into the fashion blogging scene, but a more every day kind of look that's suitable for almost everyone.
How is your style different than everyone else? Hmmm.. I don't think I have a unique style.. I'm actually a bit ADD when it comes to my sense of style.. But as a whole I think since we have a group of contributors we can bring a lot of variety on one blog.

Who is your inspiration? I'd have to say all the other fashion bloggers out there. I just love checking out what everyone is wearing.. and getting inspiration from their outfits and seeing what I could or could not pull off myself.
What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I want people to see that fashion is accessible to everyone. You don't need to purchase that designer whatever to look good.. you can look good with items you already have at home or from whatever's at your local target.

Once again I've been bitten... by that bug of fashion obsession...the bug that keeps us all coming back to blogs like this. It's not a bad thing...its almost like a curse a JINX of some measure. But its OK because i have the antidote...roll up your sleeve and allow me to give you a shot of Bo Monson a 19 year old model from if this dosn't ease the obsession call me in the morning.


I'd like to think I'm a man of good taste... maybe great taste
(don't we all) But i can say, " i know when i see individuals with
great style and taste...take a look at my new find
Elena Montalvo an 24 year old architect
from Monterrey, Mexico
This young lady really needs no introduction..but she will get the intro she deserves. I call her, the "Missouri Madame" because not many people can build a following of more than 500 lollipops kids in only 7 months... and that's not including BLOGLOVIN or LOOKBOOK. So, I take my hat of to the amazing force behind Vintage Lollipops, Miss Bella Harris. Enjoy

How do you describe your style?
Safely said, I never limit the possibilities, because for me, style is a collaboration of various unique elements as well the dynamics of experimentation. I think it definitely plays a small role in personal edification, and while I draw upon creativity and confidence to solidify any area of my life, fashion is no exception.

What made you start a fashion blog?
As a writer, I literally crave a multitude of inspirational outlets and Vintage Lollipops was another venue that allowed me to express my creative voice. So I coupled that with my love of style, hoping for a candid and individualized representation of my daily life and all the little musing that follow.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world?
That’s a good question, (smile) but you might have to ask them.

How is your style different than everyone else?
I think there are many commonalities shared between those who simply take pleasure in fashion/style. But as distinct individuals, we’re capable of ingraining a personal perspective… because diversity is truly a beautiful attribute.

Who is your inspiration?
It’s almost impossible to isolate, or for that matter, narrow my inspirational realm because I try to entrap some level of beauty and value in most anything I meet. It comes in layers, the strange and unusual, environments, emotions, sounds, people, architecture, patterns, literature, and the myriad of lessons learned along the way.

What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog?
Like anyone, I wish for the best… and I’m grateful to those who take a moment out of their busy lives to visit me and read my rants. Humility is virtue. And I think it’s important to leave feedback, follow blogs, and genuinely take interest in those who construct your daily readership. They’re amazing… enough said.