how did you come up with the name of your blog i came up with the name of my blog through random circustances. i just put together two of my favorite words and it kind of stuck!Fascination Drop
when where you introduced to fashion i was introduced to fashion probably when i was about in 6th grade. my biggest influence was probably my aunt, because she was the one buying louis vuitton and gucci bags when i went with her on shopping trips. to this day i still read fashion magazines that she subscribes to when i go to her do you describe your style i have, what you could call, alter-styles. i do not set myself under the category of one specific style. some days i wear feminine and delicate things, while other days i throw on casual items and dress them up with accessories. what made you start a fashion blog after reading many fashion blogs, including style rookie and sea of shoes, i felt like the need to express myself in my own personal blog was the right thing to do. at first, when i began blogging, i had no followers and virtually no comments. then i suddenly felt inspired to press on and keep going with my posts. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world i think i bring my own sense of style and my personal views on fashion into the fashion world. i usually do posts on runway shows, my own runway reviews, and comment on what details and parts of each collection i like. how is your style different than everyone else my style is different from everyone elses' because it fluctuates wildly! i always find a way to redo and reuse something in each outfit. most likely, you will not see me wearing the same outfit twice.
who is your inspiration my inspiration derives from various people, including artists, models, photographers, and other fashion bloggers! i really adore laura laine's fashion illustrations because she takes the human figure and twists it in such a way that is actually uniquely beautiful. for me, inspiration comes out of every plausible thing in my way! :) what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog i want to leave the impression that i am interesting, and that my style is still developing in such an interesting way that makes my readers want to come back and see me continue blogging! how is your favorite designer my favorite designer is probably.. oh this is hard!...i would say, okay i have to list at least a few. viktor & rolf, because they bring so many different points of view to the table; akris, for the sharply clean cut pieces that intermix with the softer fluid pieces; hussein chalayan, for his beautifully futuristic and forward-thinking creations; alexander mcqueen, for his whimsical world that he creates in every collection; and lastly, rodarte, for their neverending tale of horror mixed with fascinating bits in ALL of their collections.
what piece is a must have in your closet
a must have in my closet would have to be tights!! they are extremely versatile and go with basically everything. you wear them with skirts, dresses, denim shorts, coats, and whatever else you can think of. like what most people notice, you barely see me wearing pants, because tights are incorporated into virtually ALL my outfits. you could say they are basically the best thing ever invented.

jessica wu