how did you come up with the name of your blog we were arguing for hours after deciding to start blogging together because we couldn't agree on a name. eventually we chose xvii for some weird reason we still don't know... when where you introduced to fashion i don't think we have been yet. we are still uncertain what fashion is. but we like to believe that fashion is whatever you consider fashion to be. how do you describe your styles i guess it's a mix of preppy and trashy. we love random combination's of clothes that most people find ugly, and also clothes that still don't make sense after looking at them forever.

what made you start a fashion blog well, we wouldn't say it's a fashion blog. the reason we started to blog was because we love to take photos (and also to pose, lol) and we wanted a place where we could show our photos. another reason was because we had too much time and very few plans. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world hopefully more than other fashion blogs dohow is your style different than everyone else it's not. but it is not similar to everyone elses either. who is your inspiration ugly clothes on pretty people (not necessarily obvious prettiness but pretty as in having something extraordinary) what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog we want them to have the same feeling as when you first realize you have a crush, you know..? how is your favorite designer don't have one. designer clothes often become tedious because of the hype. we like second hand clothes better.

piece is a must have in your closet
a pair of good tights. was that a bad answer? haha. but no, all of our clothes are must haves. one thing we would have a hard time living without is our docs. so i guess that's a must have in our closet.

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