Part I how did you come up with the name of your blog Life is short, I have to record every detail of my life to know if I'm living life to the fullest. Live fast, die very oooold. So I named it after myself, Jacinda Yee. when where you introduced to fashion I can't really state when, but since young I loved shopping for clothes. I kept buying and buying, but i never could figure out where my style was heading. That's when I got really interested in fashion and started experimenting with different stuff in an attempt to pursue that unique style. how do you describe your style I can't really put a name on my style. but mostly i love edgy and sexy. Clothes that enhance a woman's curves eludes so much confidence, it's gives you this sexy superhero power, it's insane. but then again as I depend on my mood wayyy too much, i have developed a love-hate relationship with my fashion style. There would be some days where i'd be so enthusiastic about dressing up, even if i'm just going out to get a drink. And there would be some days, very seldom but it does happen, when I would dress down so much you wouldn't even recognize me. However, when people do recognize me, i'd feel so embarrassed and regret every minute of it, promising myself to never let laziness get the better out of me haha. i'm still working on it.
what made you start a fashion blog Mine's not really a fashion blog. I blog mostly about my daily life, fashion inspirations and everything else that I'm interested in. I love that my readers can discover and be inspired by my personality, style and fashion sense through my the photos I blog of my daily life. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I think I definitely brought peace to the fashion blog world. as well as the attention of the great fashion jinx and all you other fashion lovers.
how is your style different than everyone else To me, fashion and personality goes hand in hand, they're inseparable. The way you walk and talk and carry yourself definitely plays a part in developing your unique fashion style. I think i kinda possess this weird happy crazy quality (and sometimes i sexy talk) and i don't really care about the way i walk and talk. you know what i'm saying? girls who are too uptight with their looks and obsessed with looking great in every photo, should relax. your beauty and style will come naturally then. who is your inspiration Oh there are so many! First on my list would be Audrey Hepburn, her classic style never dies. and then it would have to be edie sedgwick!, alexa chung, and karla from karlascloset. Also, i get alot of my inspiration from lookbook, wildfox, cobra snake and tumblr blogs! oh and BETTIE PAGE for her awesome sixties sexiness.
what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I want them to feel that fashion can be so enjoyable, especially when photos of daily life (even at the supermarket) doesn't turn out to be just you looking happy & smiley, but with you looking so terribly chic & enjoying in that moment, that's the best.I would like all my readers to do it too! It doesn't mean you have to overdress, you can look chic in t-shirts and shorts too:) who is your favorite designer I wouldn't say I have a particular favorite, but i definitely like Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson, of course Karl Lagerfield and Christophe Decarnin (wow wow). what piece is a must have in your closet A versatile basic top or bottom that goes with everything, as well as a statement jacket or blazer. yes, and statement shoes are a must.