how did you come up with the name of your blog? Everyone has always said I'm 'Doe eyed', and deer are one of my favorite animals; They're so swift and quiet, so I thought Silent Doe was perfect. when where you introduced to fashion? Probably when I was in the womb, haha. My mom has always had an amazing sense of style and always taught me about the fashion world. I think one of my earliest memories was sitting in the bathroom with her kit of Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and YSL makeup sprawled all over the floor having her do my lipstick when I was two years old. I'll always associate bright red Chanel lipstick with that moment in do you describe your style? High fashion goth, haha. I grew up listening to my mom and dad's old goth, punk, new wave and hair metal albums, so I think music and different subcultures has have had a huge influence on my style.what made you start a fashion blog? I've always read fashion blogs, even from the time I was 11 or 12, so I thought 'why not start my own?'. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? I think my blog is different from a lot of fashion blogs out there, I post a lot about fashion, but I also post about different photographers, artists and music as well. I mainly feature darker fashion designers, items or collections, but I always like to try to include inexpensive items, because I know no matter how fabulous the latest $800 pair
of designer heels are, not everyone (including myself) can always afford to buy those items. I think there are so many inexpensive designers and brands out there, so why not take advantage of it!?how is your style different than everyone else? I like to mix a lot o different elements to my style; goth, punk, high fashion, old lady stuff, fetish wear, all sorts of different stuff. I love simple colors like black, white, grey, silver, I'm not much of a "color" person I guess you could say, hahaha.who is your inspiration? I have so many different fashion icons it's ridiculous, haha. I get a lot of inspiration from old photos from the late 70's, early 80's of the underground punk and goth culture and musicians. I really love Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, Betsey Johnson, Siouxsie Sioux, Soo Catwoman, Pam Hogg, ahhh there are so many! I could go on for days about who inspires me!what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog?I want to inspire people to dress and be whoever they want to be, regardless of what other people think. Fashion and art has helped me with confidence in so many ways, and if I can help others with the same thing, that's what I would love most.

Thank you so much!
Jinx Fam
Silent Doe......