How did I come up with the name of the blog? Well, It's a bit hard to explain since the blog name is in Hebrew... I call myself "FashionPea" on social networks like Twitter and Modepass because in Hebrew the words "Pea" and "Fashion" are very similar. they contain the same letters only in a different order and that is why I chose to combine them in my blog's name. It is a play on words. How would I describe my style? It depends on my mood and depends on "Who I want to be today?" Some days I feel more romantic and I will chose and other days I try to excentuate my edgier side and I'll go with vests, boots and chain necklaces. What made you start a fashion blog? I started my blog because I needed an outlet to release all the knowledge I had, and the passion for fashion that was pretty much bottled up inside me. I have to say that this need of mine was fulfilled a long time ago, after a few months of blogging, and now it's a different situation. The blog has really evolved and continues to develop in many exciting directions. What do you think you bring to fashion blogging? I think that, like every other blogger, I bring my personal point of view, and my take on fashion. Although I look pretty young, I'm 29 years old and I'm an experienced shopper and dresser for at least 20 years...
I have had my share of 'trial and error' in the fashion department (and still do) and I share my experience and views with my lovely readers. How is your style different than everyone else? Although
I shop in common stores like Zara, Mango, H&M I think that I (as anyone else) add a personal note and personal style to my clothes. The person makes the outfit, and even though I can wear a skirt that was bought by many other ladies I think the way I wear it and mix it with other elements of my wardrobe makes it unique. Who or what is your insiration? My inspiration can be found in many places and it is not just a person or a thing. I am inspired by celebrities and fashion icons (such as the Olsen twins), by fashion editors (like Taylor Tomasi and Giovanna Battaglia), by the urban nature around my, by colors or by my mood at the moment.
What impression would you like to leave on the people that view your blog?
The impression I would like to leave on people is that dressing up is fun, that fashion can spice up your life and doesn't have to be practical all the time - it can also be whimsical and fun. I also want people to know that fashion is related to all fields of life and to my personal life as I show on the blog.