This is the topping of fashion Sundae's...check out my girl Nicole of "CHERRY MAGAZINE".... how do you discribe your style? it's mixed up and it changes ALL THE TIME :) haha

align="center">what made you start a fashion blog- oh? I had a love for writing as well as fashion but I didn't have time for a full time internship at a fashion magazine so I started the blog to satisfy my intense cravings to write about fashion.

">what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? hm, the fashion blog world is so vast sometimes I wonder if I bring anything new at all. But I would like to think that it is my own view and experimentation of fashion from a slightly more budget point of view. Plus, I like to showcase the styles and fashion talents in Singapore.
how is your style different than everyone else? I won't say it's completely different, but I guess it's unique because it's me? Haha, the person wearing the outfit is more important then the outfit itself because he/she brings the outfit to life and adds personality to it. who is your inspiration? Usually strangers I meet on the street or see on street style blogs what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? I want them to feel happy!