I've been following the lovely Jessie for some time now,i guess a was attracted
to her dirty rock...that's what we call her style here in St. Louis. It's a combination
of grunge, rock and goth mixed with couture...so sit back, read what she has to
say, click this site Sanity Notebook, post a comment and enjoy...
How do you describe your style? Always a bit hesitant with bright colors, I usually dress in darker shades.I also lean towards slouchy pieces of clothing and mix them with more constructed forms.I enjoy that contrast along with the contrast of thrifted goods with newer ones.
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? If anything, I'd like to think I bring some sorts of pieces that people find appealing to the eye-whether it be the slap-together of clothes I’m wearing on a given day or a collage of my personal inspirations.

How is your style different than everyone else? I try to look at both commercial and non-commercial stores, hot brand and vintage spots, mom’s old trunk of clothes, dad’s old college shirt, etc. Really, I guess its the pieces chosen and which items are mixed together that would make anyone different from anyone else.

Who is your inspiration? People from all over. Lookbook.nu is a great inspiration pool. For me, any ethereal creature is paid special attention; I admire people who can throw things on with nothing but (maybe) a glance in the mirror and still come off confident and wicked, sloppy chic.

What made you start a fashion blog? A friend, Frances, introduced me to the fashion blogging world with her discovery of Seaofshoes.com. Before long my mouse was licking links left and right, taking me from one site to another. Inspired by the lot of them, I decided to start one for aesthetic purposes--to give me some new thing to play with when I took a break in between school obligations and social calls.
What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? It'd be nice for my blog to give off a vibe that would keep visitors coming back.If it be because they like what I wore one day, the design of the site, or the little nonsense posts in between, as long as they enjoy the experience.