Family i must say, i fall'n in love again...believe me its not that hard to do, after you take a look at the lovely Wendy, check her, leave a comment and fall in love..... JINX How did you come up with the name of your blog? It was really random. My blog started out with a combination of my initials, which didn't sound too fashionable or anything near at all. I wanted 'BlackCoffee' at first because of All Saints' Black Coffee and the black coffee itself. But it was taken, so I thought of BreadCrumbs, which was also taken. Frustrated, I thought, why not combine both? And that was how I got BlackCoffeeCrumbs. Besides, a cup of black coffee with toasted bread crumbs all over the saucer plate really goes with an issue of Vogue in the morning - really soothing. I wanted my blog to be that way.
How did you describe your style? Anything that looks good on me, basically. Like the famous Hubert de Givenchy said, 'The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress'. It is really true in a sense that, the trend report might reckon round sunnies being the 'It' thing but if it doesn't flatter any features on my face, I wouldn't go for it. So, to look good, for me I would always opt for something more feminine, with a little neatness and clean-cuts, and most importantly looking casually laid-back, at the same time. I don't like being too prepped up or being too trashy. I like it in the middle. I am also more biased towards monotone colours like black, white and my all time favourite, grey. When in doubt, I would always grab grey.

What made you start a fashion blog? Fashion blogosphere was initially made known to me by my sisters, who are also fashion bloggers themselves and my very first encounter was with Karla, Camille of Childhoodflames and Jak&Jil. I was like, 'Where have I been all this while??' After months of being fascinated by them blogs, blogfollowing, blogreading you name it, I finally decided to give it a go. Unlike others, I started my blog with a mission to create affordable styles which are able to stand up on their own without having the labels playing much of a role in it. Other than that, it also serves as a fashion portfolio for myself and to fill up the little time that I have everyday. That pretty much compiled the reason behind the existence of my blog.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? LOL honestly, nothing at the mo. I am still a newbie, still exploring, still unknown. But, I hope to create new styles and new trends with a little artistic feel injected to it. I would love to collaborate both fashion and art into my blog. And, I hope that, by being 'Jinx-ed', I must have brought something to the fashion blog world, am I? Or am I not? *winks How is your style different from anyone else? I don't really consider my style being different from others. I picked up a little bit of here and there and had it made to suit me and my personality. So, what makes it different, would be me, the wearer, I guess :-)

Who is your inspiration? Style wise, I always find Jacqueline Kennedy being an inspiration in the fashion world. She is the epitome of elegance and beauty both combined. Definitely iconic, she is also definitely a trendsetter of the 50's and pretty much determined how formal wear should look like even till now. On a daily basis, I find my mom being such an inspiration in my life. Besides God, I count on her for words of wisdom and life advices. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? That I don't bite LOL. Other than that, I would love to inspire people to start a fashion blog or any other blogs and just speak their mind and get creative. I would love if my blog could make people feel as though they've just had a cup of coffee over a fashion magazine.