how did you come up with the name of your blog?
i love cherry. cherry blossoms the flower, cherry the fruit.. loves it.. and then there is a song by The Kills called Sour Cherry. and i just love the way it sounds.. so i use it :) how do you describe your style? i would say my style is really depends on my mood. but it comes down to a simple style but with an edge. well im just being my self anyway and i just love to put things together and see how its going to be :)

what made you start a fashion blog? i dont describe my blog as a fashion blog, because sometimes i also post other things in it.. i just post anything that i like, and apparently what i like the most is fashion. :P what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? hum.. in my opinion, i bring my personal tastes and choices, and i hope it will give people more inspiration :)

how is your style different than everyone else? it's pretty much because of my hair. i used to have a long sleek black hair, and it just kinda of a bore. and when i cut my hair like 6 months ago, everything's change. i look more stylish because of my hair, and as i said before, it depends on my mood and im not afraid of wearing something very girly or very manly at the same time, and i dont wear something that totally doesn't fit my body to only make me look stylish or anything.
who is your inspiration? that's going to be very long. well, i love alexa chung, mischa barton, kristen stewart, emma watson, alexander wang, sienna miller, kate bosworth, i love to read other fashion blogs too. not only people, editorials and great pictures also influence my style. rock stars, culture, and art, ha! basically all the beauty surrounds me ;P