This young lady really needs no introduction..but she will get the intro she deserves. I call her, the "Missouri Madame" because not many people can build a following of more than 500 lollipops kids in only 7 months... and that's not including BLOGLOVIN or LOOKBOOK. So, I take my hat of to the amazing force behind Vintage Lollipops, Miss Bella Harris. Enjoy

How do you describe your style?
Safely said, I never limit the possibilities, because for me, style is a collaboration of various unique elements as well the dynamics of experimentation. I think it definitely plays a small role in personal edification, and while I draw upon creativity and confidence to solidify any area of my life, fashion is no exception.

What made you start a fashion blog?
As a writer, I literally crave a multitude of inspirational outlets and Vintage Lollipops was another venue that allowed me to express my creative voice. So I coupled that with my love of style, hoping for a candid and individualized representation of my daily life and all the little musing that follow.

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world?
That’s a good question, (smile) but you might have to ask them.

How is your style different than everyone else?
I think there are many commonalities shared between those who simply take pleasure in fashion/style. But as distinct individuals, we’re capable of ingraining a personal perspective… because diversity is truly a beautiful attribute.

Who is your inspiration?
It’s almost impossible to isolate, or for that matter, narrow my inspirational realm because I try to entrap some level of beauty and value in most anything I meet. It comes in layers, the strange and unusual, environments, emotions, sounds, people, architecture, patterns, literature, and the myriad of lessons learned along the way.

What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog?
Like anyone, I wish for the best… and I’m grateful to those who take a moment out of their busy lives to visit me and read my rants. Humility is virtue. And I think it’s important to leave feedback, follow blogs, and genuinely take interest in those who construct your daily readership. They’re amazing… enough said.