Fashion Jinx had the humble opportunity to ask Miss. Elen Lin a few questions, about he amazing style. We've been following Full Clothes for some we hope you enjoy this interview, that's long overdo.
First, did you or do you have any one helping in the creation of your blog?
I started this blog on my own but I will have to credit my family and my guy for voluntarily taking the pictures for me. Tsk.

How do you discribe your style?
Right now I prefer the minimalist look. I used to love loading on accessories but as of now, the weather doesn't permits any form of layering whatsoever.
So everything is kept simple these days. Needless to say, basics are my essential as of late.
What made you start a fashion blog?

Boredom. I had a lot of time then while waiting for my university admission. Many hours were spent on the Internet and that was when I discovered the many amazing fashion blogs. And the rest they say is history.
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world?
I believe that although some of us dress alike, we don't exactly look the same.
We may be donned in black or floral or studs, to a point that we may look mediocre, but if you look carefully, you would see that each blogger actually brings a different feel or taste to the outfit. Her own personal touch.
How is your style different than everyone else?
I really stand true to comfort. Comfort above everything else. That's my motto.
I can't really say that I have a fixed style because it's always changing. One day I can be in dresses, and the next I will be in my boots. It all depends on my mood and on the weather.

Who or what is your insperation? It's hard to just name one for I have many on my mind! But right now, I'm really into Indonesian style blogs. What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog?
To always be true to yourself. I don't quite follow what's in season because I know that some things that look good on other may not necessarily look that good on me :)

Eleh Lin