how did you come up with the name of your blog The name SWAY started long ago... I adopted it as my own purely based on its strong meaning "to influence and control". We all know life is impermanent so we must find ways to take control over the things that affect our lives. The three digits "925" is seen on Sterling Silver jewelery, it represents a mix of 92.5 percent silver and other metals. I've always had an obsession with sterling silver jewelery (rings especially) so naturally, SWAY925 was born! when were you introduced to fashion
I remember as a child flipping through the tele to find something fun to watch when I stumbled across Fashion Television. It was at that very point that my love for fashion began. how do you describe your style My style can be described as ANDROGYNOUS - I have a tendency to buy and wear men's clothing (and accessories etc) and pair them with feminine pieces to create an androgynous appeal. My wardrobe choices tend to change day to day based on my mood but I ALWAYS choose my SHOES FIRST prior to deciding on what to wear... I like to work around my shoes. It's a bizarre concept (so I've been told) but I have an insane obsession with shoes and prefer them to be the focal point in my outfits. My other unhealthy addictions includes sterling silver jewelery and leather! what made you start a fashion blog I've always been an avid fashion blog/site reader and started noticing people who had similar pieces of clothing/shoes but worn so differently. It was inspirational and mind blowing to see items being worn in ways I would have never imagined to be worn! That's what led me to start my own blog... I decided that perhaps my style, opinions and thoughts about fashion would inspire someone else and motivate them to also voice themselves.
what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I hope that my style, views and thoughts on fashion can inspire someone and I can only hope that I bring something new and refreshing to the table. I'm fairly new to the blogging world and have already gotten such great feedback and comments from readers! It's truly amazing, very appreciated and greatly motivating to keep blogging! how is your style different than everyone else My style is different in the sense that I like to bring the best of both worlds into play... boy meets girl... man vs woman... Venus and mars. I also have a tendency to rework items and make them
my own... I will buy accessories then take them completely apart and recreate them to become something totally different. I'm experimental and adventurous and love to mix new and old items to create an edgier style. who is your inspiration We are all inspired by someone... if not by celebrities, than by our mothers, siblings, friends or colleagues. I am inspired by models off the runway as they have such an effortless and unique interpretation on street style and I look to men's fashion for inspiration as well. Readers will notice that I always have a song up with my post... I am a huge music lover and am inspired by musicians such as Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani, Brody Dalle, Leslie Feist and Melissa Auf der Maur just to name a few. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I would love to leave readers with something refreshing and inspiring. We all have something to say whether it's about fashion or life... so I hope after viewing my blog readers hear my voice. Fashion isnt just about clothes... it's also about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin... you can look smashing in something basic as you would in something designer. who is your favorite designer The list is endless... but if I had to narrow it down it would be ANN DEMEULEMEESTER and RICK OWENS. Both designers are notorious for their use of dark and neutral color palettes but they also take basic items and turn them into bold statement pieces. Rick Owens is infamous for his work in leather and minimalism, while Ann Demeulemeester is known for her gothic fashion. They're both unbelievable designers!
what piece is a must have in your closet Basics are essential... cotton t shirt/tank, a pair of really good denims, a blazer and a classic leather jacket can take you further than you know. It doesn't matter what the trend is or what's fashionable at that given moment... a wardrobe is built upon a series of basics and it is the foundation to a spectacular closet! When in doubt my go to items are... a pair of skinny denims, black cotton t and a pair of ankle booties... throw an over-sized blazer into the mix and I'm ready to head out the door! :)
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how did you come up with the name of your blog Tokyo is one of the many places that I would love to re-visit again and actually I was pretty bummed on my last night there that I had to leave such a amazing place.when where you introduced to fashion I really can't recall when was it, but I've always been obsessed with clothes, dressing up and looking good.

how do you describe your style I'm a mood dresser and I usually stick to neutral colors especially my all-time favorite, black. Black will always be the new black. what made you start a fashion blog I just wanted an avenue to document what I wear and capture some of my favorite outfits.

what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Honestly, I'm really not sure if I bring (or can bring) anything to it. But I'm really flattered and thankful to those who follow Tears in Tokyo and even leave is your style different than everyone else: I won't say it's completely different than everyone else, but I love to mix and match pieces that are versatile, easy to wear… and play along with textures and accessories…

who is your inspiration I get my inspiration from everywhere. I love to browse & some of my favorite blogs are leblogdebetty, thechicmuse and songofstyle. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope they like what I post and such that they keep coming back to Tears in Tokyo for more.

who is your favorite designer I wouldn't say I have a particular favorite, but right now, I definitely like Alexander Wang. The simplicity of his designs and how he can make simple casual staple pieces look good…. well, I love to own every single piece in his collection(s)! what piece is a must have in your closet A basic black jersey dress that you can throw on days when you feel blah and in doubt.

how did you come up with the name of your blog My name is Martina so I just put an article before my name , and here we have " La Martina"when where you introduced to fashion Probably when I was born! I have always loved fashion since I was a child. I liked to put on me dress and make some look. It was a game, now too but I wish it will be a job!
how do you describe your style My style is a chameleon! I can be classy or rock it depend... actually I prefer the glam rock ! Probably cause I love to share what I think about something in the fashion system and to share my view of style. what made you start a fashion blog Probably cause i love to share what i think about something in the fashion system and to share my view of style. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I really don't know! right now I'm just doing everything that I like! If it will be an inspiration I'll be glade of it!
how is your style different than everyone else not everyone can be classy and wear studs in the same day! I can! I don't wanna be presumptuous but this is about me, not many people are able to do it. who is your inspiration So many! Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Kaya Scodelario, Kate Moss what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I want to give a good impression about the fashion system. I like when I receive emails from my followers with compliments and congratulations for my style! who is your favorite designer Actually Chanel, but if we are talking about commercials brand I have to say Guess by Marciano.what piece is a must have in your closet Studded shoes, studded bags, studded bracelets, I mean Studs! Never forget to wear Heels!!!!!

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'Arty Affair'

Dev’s new single “Booty Bounce” w/ Hellz-Bellz Dev, a new artist with Indie-Pop has just released her new single and music video called Booty Bounce. Throughout the entire video you see Hellz outfits from past to present! Turns out, Dev was a former intern under the Hellz fam, and look at her now! The song is catchy and makes your bootay bouncay and the styling is on point (as usssual), even caught the eye of MTV’s Style blog! Congrats to Dev and the Hellz fam!

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Azede Jean-Pierre
prepares to debut her spring 2011 collection
Aug 28, 2010 @8p.m.
364 Nelson St. Atlanta

What does fashion mean to you Fashion is God's gift to women who embrace & celebrate their femininity. It is life changing and beautiful.When were you introduced to fashion As a child I was always drawing, I developed figures around the age of ten and started dressing my figures, which was when I realized that this might be what I want to do with my life. Who is your favorite designer I like Ann Valerie Hash, but I cannot say that she is my favorite. I have so many favorites. Which piece in collection is a must have There is a little black petal & pin-tuck dress that works well with any body type, it will make a women feel confident and beautiful.

How do you describe you style First and foremost, I am a romantic at heart; therefore I always find a way to incorporate that in my designs. Flower pedals and transparency inspired the current collection. It is flirty, young, and just sexy enough, it channels modern femininity without being too girly.
What pushed you to design you own label I would say that I was gravitated towards it rather then pushed. I am in such a state of joy when I design that I felt propelled to express my vision and point of view to the world.
What do you think you bring to the fashion world My point of view has yet to be expressed. My designs redefine the traditional garment while pushing the limits of dress design in innovative ways. I want to inspire people.
Who is your inspiration The better question for me is (what). I am rarely inspired by peoples work. My inspiration usually comes from objects, intuition & intangible emotion. What impression do you want to leave on the guests who attend your show I want them to feel inspired.
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how did you come up with the name of your blog I’ve always loved the name Lolita (my actual name is Emma) and I wanted to use it, adding the ‘Says so’ to the end was spur of the moment and it makes it sound like more of a blog, than just a person. Lolita Say's So when where you introduced to fashion I grew up in Paris with my sister and my mother. My mother was an artist so I was forever going in and out of galleries and drawing. This love of art progressed to a love of fashion when I would flick through my sister’s Vogues. From then I was intrigued by fashion and would cover my walls in the photos I liked from magazines. Now, I know I am meant to work within the fashion world; it’s all I think about! how do you describe your style I dress a lot to how I feel. So if I’m feeling excited that it’s summer I’ll put on my most summery outfit, and if I’m feeling tough I’ll put on some leather and tough boots! But if this is my philosophy, I breach what I preach because sometimes I’ll put an outfit on to cheer myself up. I love to dress up too- I have a growing collection of headpieces, masks and costume jewelry, what made you start a fashion blog I was reading other fashion blogs before I started mine, so I guess these were an inspiration. But also I wanted a place to put all the photos that I find everywhere! And since I’ve started it it’s become my fashion journal, and I enjoy blogging and the processes around it a lot. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world I bring my take on fashion, on trends and on things I find beautiful and inspirational. how is your style different than everyone else I think I have quite a hap hazard style; it can change from one moment to the next, and I like to find one off vintage pieces to add to an outfit, that way it feels more special, more me. who is your inspiration Too many people! I love Tim Walker’s work, it takes the viewer to a fantasy world and in unlike any other photographers work. I think I inspire to be lots of people, but all these people are a version of myself that I see myself becoming- I do this so that I stay ambitious and driven. what impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog I hope that people who visit my blog like the photos I have- the styling and the art direction behind them are what I’m proud of, it makes me happy to create a good photo as I can see myself working in editorials. Also, I hope people find it interesting- and want to come back! who is your favorite designer Right now, I’m loving what Ricardo Tisci is doing at Givenchy. But just like my style- I always change my mind! what piece is a must have in your closet Headbands. People who read my blog will know I’m very rarely without a headband; my favourite trick is to get a vintage scarf and wrap it around my head to create a ‘turband’. Headbands and headpieces add an extra something to an outfit and are the perfect accessory!

how did you come up with the name of your blog In the beginning my blog was called “Chahana’s Blog”, it was a little tedious so I changed it to “Fabulous Fantastic” . The name started with Sex and the City, my favorite TV show. I loved that Carrie always said “fabulous”, it passed down on to me and I aimed to rhyme it into a catchy name – “Fabulous Fantastic”when where you introduced to fashion Like most girls, I’ve always had an appreciation for clothing but I think I started to bloom into my utter love for fashion when I was introduced to Blogspot about a year and a half ago and exposed to all wonderful and inspirational fashion blogs. how do you describe your style My style has changed through out the years and it still is from a variety of teenage trashy to vintage girly. I love anything that will slop down on me comfortably to hugging my body tight, both paired with any sort of high heel. High heels honestly to me make every outfit complete! If I could I would wear a different pair everyday, they make me feel so sexy! What made you start a fashion blog A friend of mine suggested I start a daily blog due to a complicated situation I was going through and express my feelings through blogging, I was never quite good at that, this eventually lead to inspirational fashion posts and so I decided to compose it into a fashion blog with inspirational images, my friends and family and just my daily life and outfits through photos, it became my recreational activity. what do you think you bring to the fashion blog world Like many other fashion blogs I try to bring fashion, variety, fun, passion and creativity but in my own individual way through random buys, my life with friends and family, occasionally videos and other random fashion related topics. how is your style different than everyone else It’s different yet similar to other styles. I am influenced by many but wear clothing in my own way, a combination of different styles. I don’t like sticking to one and I like experimenting with what I wear. I adore my prints, colours and neutrals along with anything that will stand out and catch an eye. who is your inspiration My main inspiration would have to be my mother and her vintage wardrobe. My mum had a thing for fashion when she was younger just like me. She is honestly the most beautiful woman I know, strong, independent, and loving. Celebrity inspirations would include the Olsen’s, Amber Rose and Harley Viera Newton, their effortless style and outfits make me so envious! what impression do you want to leave on the people the visits your blog I want them to see what my passion is, that fashion is what makes me feel good and comfortable about myself inside and out. who is your favorite designer I’m not a brands person and I dont particularly have a favourite designer, I like bits and pieces from all different labels/shops. But I must mention Alexandra Wang, his spring 2010 collection is marvellously spectacular and I want to own all his bucket bags. what piece is a must have in your closet Shoes! Shoe! Shoes! Anyone that knows me well enough knows I am utterly fanatical about shoes! I have pairs and pairs of them and I have a small closet to put them in but it’s quite cluttered and filling up rapidly. Also my latest love are rings, I’ve begun a collection and also started making my own just for fun.